Saturday, 3 January 2015

Friday Smiles

Share a smile... Friday Smiles #100,  whooopie - well done Annie on the one hundredth post and first post for the new year (well I'm a little late but love to share pics of what makes me happy and smile for the week). 
For a smile I can't go pass the smallest member of our family ... gorgeous Sophie. We've been able to spend quite a bit of time with the little miss over these few weeks. Here she is looking gorgeous in her new dress.
 And on Christmas morning - she loved tearing the paper off her presents.
And her she is with step-sis Bella who is visiting for the holidays - lovely to see them together, they get on well and enjoy each others company.
Then some lovely surprises in my garden this bromeliads decided to put on a those red, pinks and purples.
And today I sure a smiling because the humidity here is broken as we've had rain nearly all day and life is much more comfortable.
Why not pop over to Annies blog and share your happiness for the week. Cheers Robyn


  1. What gorgeous girls, I love the headband!
    Such a pretty flower too x

  2. Hello Robyn such lovely girls - no wonder you are smiling. Love the flowers. Anne x

  3. Hi Robyn....thanks for linking up again this week. You say the nicest of things :-) What gorgeous poppets....of course you're smiling cos I am too and I've never met them :-)
    Annie x

  4. My word, little Sophie is growing up fast! I am doing a quick catch-up on comments before everyone posts again tomorrow. I don´t know where the weeks go. I wouldn´t normally say I´m glad it´s raining, but it sounds as though you need it. Kate x


Thank you for taking the time to comment, all encouragement and inspiration is very welcome. May your day be a happy and extra special one, cheers Robyn