Saturday, 13 June 2015

Friday Smiles

Friday Smiles at Annies blog - week 123. Take a minute to visit and join in.
Early Saturday morning here but hey I figure it's still Friday somewhere in the world....I don't really have any photos to share this week but found this one in my files of the hibiscus that are flowering at present - I love their big blooms and the long stamen.
Anyway I'm happy this week because my camera has been found....Last weekend hubby and I went to Brisbane to watch his AFL team play footy and while we were there we inspected our investment property and silly me left my camera on the table. I didn't realise till two days later when we were home and honestly couldn't figure where I'd lost it - property, rental car, on the plane...I rang them all. Took a few days for the real estate people to get an answer from the leasees but all good now, one happy girl.
We've been here at our home for 4 weeks now and are headed back to Gladstone tomorrow. I have been a very busy lady in the garden and it's looking good but I am bear with me if I don't get to visiting any one till Monday when I can relax a bit.  Do hope you've had a fabulous week, Cheers


  1. Good to hear you find your camera Robyn....have a safe trip home!

  2. Glad you've found your camera....I hate to lose anything. That flower is a really gorgeous pink. Have a safe journey home.
    Annie x

  3. It's so wonderful to get back a lost item. I always say that I would rather give something away than lose it.
    Beautiful Hibiscus!
    jo x

  4. beautiful hibiscus, love also the big blossoms. take time to relax :-)

  5. It might have been Saturday when you visited me, but I seem to have been even later, because it's nearly Monday in my part of the world. What wonderful news about your camera. I'd be lost without mine, especially since I've finally found one I really LOVE.

    Speaking of love, it's great that you found the photo of that gorgeous hibiscus. That made me smile, as well as the knowledge you got your camera back. Hope by now you are home and enjoying every moment of it.


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