Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday?

Big midweek HELLO to all you WOYWW #246 peepers and do hope you're having an enjoyable week.
My desk is pretty neat this week as I've just returned home from visiting my kids and granddaughter while my hubby was inter-state on business.
I do have some new acquisitions on my desk though....on the left a video storage box which is big enough to store my embossing folders, so eager as, first thing this morning I emptied them from the plastic sleeves in a two ringed binder and yeah they all fit beautifully and I have many more than I thought - hope this new storage means they'll get used more. Also on the desk are some clear A5 pockets to add to my collection where I store my clear stamp sets, I just punch a couple of holes and into an A5 folder they go; I need two more folders it seems. In the last pic you can see the hard plastic containers the embossing folders and some stamps come in...I use them as paint palettes, and a card in envelope ready to be addressed to my Card Chain recipient in the USA. If you're a visitor and wondering why I am rambling on so...pop over to Julias blog and you'll see there's a heap of us Wednesday bloggers sharing our desks.

And lastly here's my gorgeous 3 1/2 month old GD, Sophie


  1. Oh bless Sophie's little smiling face! How gorgeous!
    I have similar storage for my folders - they are in a shallow basket on the worktop next to the machine - otherwise I wouldn't use them, for sure....I'll show you next week if I can find time to unearth them..there's an awful lotta crap strewn across that 'section' at the mo!

  2. Excellent storage ideas thanks. What a very smiley baby :)

    The bears @#73

  3. What a gorgeous smile, Robyn! She's lovely.
    great storage ideas - trust you have some fun using all the folders this week.
    Thanks for the visit - the swan pictures will all be cut up and used on cards or some other project in the near future. Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them.
    Have a great week.

  4. Oh how I love taking something meant for one thing, and using it brilliantly for another! I keep my embossing folders in a box, and I find them very handy that way. Your GD is beautiful too! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #13

  5. CUTE! and the storage is nice too!
    Thanks for visiting and the snoop around your place.
    Robyn 6

  6. Isn't it great when you find storage that fits! Karen #101

  7. Oh she is such cutie. Great storage ideas. I am always styling with organisation. A he x #53

  8. A good storage solution for your embossing folders.
    And your GD is so cute.
    Thanks for sharing your idea.
    Nelle 71 xx

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  10. Your little GD is definitely the star of this post Granny!

    I keep my embossing folders in something similar and try to write the name on them with a permanent marker too...don't always remember to do that though! My pet peeve that they don't add the name on the folders LOL! Happy WOYWW! Sue K 16

  11. Thanks for the storage tips! My emboss folders are in a complete mess and I can't find a way of storing them so they are handy - your way looks good! Gorgeous little GD - what a cute smile!
    Hope you have a good week and thank you so much for stopping by my desk.
    Diana #55

  12. Loving the various storage.

    You GD is adorable.

    Thanks for popping in to my blog. Hope you have a good week. Sue 50

  13. Sophie is such a beauty and a treasure and so happy. Nothing wrong with some sorting of supplies to make them work better, your storage looks brilliant. Thanks for visiting and sorry I didn't get back last night, the cats nearly got drowned in the deluge but hey they won, I go for the saint. Broadcast still went ahead, totally shocked over that, believe me and we were all drowned such a horrible working night. I do have a soft spot for the Geelong boys, knowing them as well as I do. Gotta love the footy.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Eliza & Yoda 81
    Happy WOYWW

  14. That has to be the happiest baby I've ever seen! So Sweet!
    Video Storage box as embossing folder storage is a great idea!!

  15. What a great storage Idea to big for my little pile :) That baby is so adorable with that big grin awe !!
    thanks for the visit
    hugs Nikki 5

  16. Great storage solution there, but my favourite piccy is the one of your GD, so cute and smiley. I'm trying hard to be musical with my harp, huge learning curve for a complete beginner at 50yrs! Sorry I’m a bit late replying this week, too much Winter Olympics to watch, harp to play and everything, thanks for the visit BJ#77

  17. What a cutie, Sophie has such an infectious smile, I couldn't help smiling back at her! Thanks for your visit, have a great week. MMx #57

  18. Beautiful baby! Great storage idea for the embossing folders - looks like they fit perfectly! #63

  19. great storage ideas like the idwa of a5 but lack the ability to change from a4 take too long
    janet #30

  20. Love your storage ideas.... we are ALWAYS looking for an easy and cheep way to store our folders, dies, and stamps... and they have to be EASY to use so we can find them and USE them too.. Love your ideas!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog #87.


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