Sunday 31 July 2016

Beautiful Bloom in a Bowl

So I'm at my desk early this morning with a lovely feeling of "I'm back", I'm making a card", just relaxing and satisfying, and smiling, as it's been quite a few weeks.
I've made my card for the Power Poppy - Power and Spark challenge for July.  The theme is B-HAPPY -to be inspired by the letter B ... so some thought went into not making a blue card which was my immediate though.... so mine is 'Beautiful Bloom in a Bowl'  using a stamp from the Simply Camellias set.  I would also like to thank Power Poppy for selecting my card back in April as a winner and glad at last I'm able to participate is slowly settling back to normal.

Thanks for taking a peek

Saturday 30 July 2016

Friday Smiles

Share a smile... WOW Week 180 of Friday Smiles - congrats Annie is seems like a special milestone. Hope you've all had a wonderful week of happy moments and smiles.
Mine is extra special this week as my mum has arrived Thursday  for three weeks holiday - up from the freezing wintery cold of Victoria to sunny Queensland.

My mum is 86 and it is fabulous she is independent and willing to fly up for a time. She'll get to relax, get waited on and visit with those gorgeous great grand daughters AND to see our new house extensions....she's impressed
We've been too busy chatting for me to remember to take a photo but here is one from April...when I went down with the girls and their mum for my brothers funeral.
No doubt there will be some more happy pics in the next few weeks.
Have a fantastic week and please pop over to Annies and share your 'smiles'.  Cheers

Friday 22 July 2016

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...WOW what a wonderful week we've had here in sunny Queensland....since last Friday our temps have dropped considerably - down to 11/12 C overnight - that's cold here!! and then 3 days of rain, so our visitors missed the glorious weather we are having at the moment..... Some I'm here to share a few photos for this Week 179 Friday Smiles over at Annies blog
 Here I am enjoying breakfast on my favorite front deck - it catches the morning sun and is such a relaxing spot.  And Arthur has also found a comfy chair for his snooze.
Then I was also able to unpack all the boxes and set up my craft space
My desk...
It's a pokey space but my gear seems to fit really nicely ... the louver window on the left is where our front door used to be - now it's on the other side (where I'm having breakfast)
 My shelves - which hubby cut down to fit under the window
and more storage space in the cupboard and trolley for my cuttlebug and heat gun.
And of course here are the two gorgeous girls....bath time at Nannies house
 Look at that cheeky smile...
I've had a wonderful week and hope you have too.... join in and share your happy moment at Annies. Thanks for stopping by

Saturday 16 July 2016

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...Week 178, over at Annies Friday Smiles.....
and there has been lots to smile about here at our home this week.

Firstly the builders have FINISHED....yeah!!

Secondly we have finished the major painting of walls ...yeah!!
so now only minor tasks to finish.

Thirdly, no sooner had the men downed brushes and the first visitors arrived, then half hour later the second.
So we have two caravans pulled up in the front yard....lucky we have extra wide streets and wide naturestrips.  Friends we haven't seen for many years Tom and Marj and my reles - Blair and Dianne.
Fabulous to see them all and as you can imagine we've been talking our heads off and showing off our grandkids.

Fourthly - after a super catchup card making day at Vikki's last Saturday, both Vikkis came for lunch Friday to check out all the renovations - impressed with the transformation.

Fifthly - all the visitors bought with them the cold and we've been rugged up trying to keep heating in our homes here in the tropics for three days and we need the rain badly.
Sorry I've no pics of these events to share but here is Henry he's found a spot for a rest now the furniture is moved in...
Hope you've all had a fabulous week, and if you'd like to share -pop over to Annies blog and link up.
Thanks for taking a peek, cheers

Saturday 9 July 2016

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...
Friday Smiles week 177 ... now how did 7 days slip by and I didn't have a clue..... it's early Saturday morning here in Australia and I've woken and realized yes it's Saturday and I'm going out to friend Vikkis today for a stamping session and catch up with some more stamping buddies, can't wait... but oops I realize I missed posting to Annies blog, so with a quiet house for the while I'm making a cuppa and joining in.
This week has been a whirl wind of activity as we try to finish off painting inside, so that the gear downstairs can be unpacked. We are also having some visitors this coming week and over the weekend our city is host to the Australian V8 car racing and it so happens that our back fence joins part of the race track precinct and it's been none stop noise and preparations nearly 24/7 and yesterday was the practice rounds so we're definitely in the midst of the noise - can you can guess I'm quite happy to be going to Vikkis.
So my smile for the week is that I finished painting the frames and skirtings yesterday and we bought in my desk and I've unpacked 15 or so boxes and now they're waiting for a home....5 drawers of stamps on the floor I haven't seen for 10 months, it'll be like Christmas!!
And here is little Mia now 7 months old and crawling everywhere
And now joining in with big sister Sophie watching the kids shows on tv.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, pop over to Annies and share your happy moments, and thanks for taking a peek, cheers

Sunday 3 July 2016


This month I sent my Society of Stampaholics chain card to Sabrina in California, USA. 
I think the white embossed background highlights the focal point of the card and I'm loving these gorgeous colours this month sneaking in the bling adding my third colour.  Thanks for taking a peek

Friday 1 July 2016

Friday Smiles - week 176

Share a smile...Hi ladies.....I'm smiling and I hope you are too. I'm back, and yes it's been 3 1/2 months since I posted to Friday Smiles. Did you think I'd vanished in a puff of smoke, nope I've just been distracted and totally consumed with the house renovations

Here's my smiley pic for this week....
I really should be ashamed but this is what I've just swept up from the one room hubby and I have been sleeping in for 9 months. I did sweep!  Around the open floor space that didn't have growing bags of our "stuff" taking over every inch.....BUT as of this week we have moved into our new bedroom as the building works are all but done.
Old room in the process of packing up so it can finally have a makeover
New room, still to be furnished - all our gear is stored downstairs waiting for me to unpack.
But what a relief, I can sure tell you it was "some build"
Our new front entry....
There is still plenty to do but at last we can relax and do the last things at a slower pace, so  I might find time to escape to my desk in the craftavan as my room is probably the last to be done.
Well hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful week and looking forward to a cheerful weekend, cheers