Saturday, 16 July 2016

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...Week 178, over at Annies Friday Smiles.....
and there has been lots to smile about here at our home this week.

Firstly the builders have FINISHED....yeah!!

Secondly we have finished the major painting of walls ...yeah!!
so now only minor tasks to finish.

Thirdly, no sooner had the men downed brushes and the first visitors arrived, then half hour later the second.
So we have two caravans pulled up in the front yard....lucky we have extra wide streets and wide naturestrips.  Friends we haven't seen for many years Tom and Marj and my reles - Blair and Dianne.
Fabulous to see them all and as you can imagine we've been talking our heads off and showing off our grandkids.

Fourthly - after a super catchup card making day at Vikki's last Saturday, both Vikkis came for lunch Friday to check out all the renovations - impressed with the transformation.

Fifthly - all the visitors bought with them the cold and we've been rugged up trying to keep heating in our homes here in the tropics for three days and we need the rain badly.
Sorry I've no pics of these events to share but here is Henry he's found a spot for a rest now the furniture is moved in...
Hope you've all had a fabulous week, and if you'd like to share -pop over to Annies blog and link up.
Thanks for taking a peek, cheers


  1. Hi Robyn, I'm a bit late because I've just been busy again. The health club was great and the people there are very friendly, really like it but not sure what I will feel like tomorrow Lol! Loving your house and so pleased everything is now complete. So many visitors too. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  2. Hi Robyn, You did have a lot to smile about. Hope you can get all the little jobs finished and get everything how you want.

    Enjoy your weekend. Sue

  3. Hi Robyn. Thanks for your lovely comment and for linking up your happy post. How lovely to have special visitors joining you. Life should be filled with days/weeks like that.
    Annie x

  4. Hi Robyn think you'll be getting some rain coming across with the latest change if my memory is correct. Pray so anyway 😊 Happy smiles day, dies this mean you get a craft room now??
    Shaz in Oz.x

  5. The heating is on in our house too Robyn and I want to snuggle up with Henry on that chair.
    Happy housewarming to you.
    LYnn xx

  6. I must say, Henry looks very comfortable!! The house looks wonderful. I am happy for you that the work is almost done. Kate x

  7. Hi Robyn,

    Congratulations on getting all the painting, etc. done! Just in time for a lot of visitors! Perfect timing, I'd say. Only if they helped you move furniture around! (smiley face)

    If I get that house I'll have to do some painting as well. Although I hope to hire it out. Henry looks to be blissfully content in HIS chair!


  8. Oh to be Henry Robyn, what a super sunny spot! Thank you so much for your hospitality last Friday, it was so lovely to catch up with you and Vikki always you both left me inspired. Hugs Vikki R x


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