Saturday, 9 July 2016

Friday Smiles

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Friday Smiles week 177 ... now how did 7 days slip by and I didn't have a clue..... it's early Saturday morning here in Australia and I've woken and realized yes it's Saturday and I'm going out to friend Vikkis today for a stamping session and catch up with some more stamping buddies, can't wait... but oops I realize I missed posting to Annies blog, so with a quiet house for the while I'm making a cuppa and joining in.
This week has been a whirl wind of activity as we try to finish off painting inside, so that the gear downstairs can be unpacked. We are also having some visitors this coming week and over the weekend our city is host to the Australian V8 car racing and it so happens that our back fence joins part of the race track precinct and it's been none stop noise and preparations nearly 24/7 and yesterday was the practice rounds so we're definitely in the midst of the noise - can you can guess I'm quite happy to be going to Vikkis.
So my smile for the week is that I finished painting the frames and skirtings yesterday and we bought in my desk and I've unpacked 15 or so boxes and now they're waiting for a home....5 drawers of stamps on the floor I haven't seen for 10 months, it'll be like Christmas!!
And here is little Mia now 7 months old and crawling everywhere
And now joining in with big sister Sophie watching the kids shows on tv.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, pop over to Annies and share your happy moments, and thanks for taking a peek, cheers


  1. It's so lovely to see you moving in to your new creative space but I do gave to say your grandees stole my heart can anyone not smile at them? Simply gorgeous and growing up so quickly.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Robyn,

    Great job on the painting! It looks quite clean and gorgeous with the flooring.

    The grans are so adorable!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Hya Robyn - long time no see - great to see you on here. Missed you on the other blog.
    Ooh, the new room looks great and as you say, it will be exciting opening all those boxes. Things you haven't seen for ages - will definitely seem like Christmas for you.
    Love the photos of your grandees.
    Hugs, Neet xxx

  4. Hi Robyn, gorgeous photos of the kiddies. Your work space looks brilliant, can't wait to see it up and running. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Hi Robyn, Stupid Blogger didn't tell me you had updated your blog.

    You will be so happy to have your craft room all sorted.

    Those girls are going to break a few hearts.

    Enjoy your day with your friend. Sue

  6. The babies grow up so fast don't they? Your two little ones are beautiful. I can see why you are happy to escape from the noise though.
    What fun you will have going through all your stash after so long. I bet there is plenty in there that you had forgotten about. Enjoy rediscovering it all! Kate x


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