Saturday, 30 July 2016

Friday Smiles

Share a smile... WOW Week 180 of Friday Smiles - congrats Annie is seems like a special milestone. Hope you've all had a wonderful week of happy moments and smiles.
Mine is extra special this week as my mum has arrived Thursday  for three weeks holiday - up from the freezing wintery cold of Victoria to sunny Queensland.

My mum is 86 and it is fabulous she is independent and willing to fly up for a time. She'll get to relax, get waited on and visit with those gorgeous great grand daughters AND to see our new house extensions....she's impressed
We've been too busy chatting for me to remember to take a photo but here is one from April...when I went down with the girls and their mum for my brothers funeral.
No doubt there will be some more happy pics in the next few weeks.
Have a fantastic week and please pop over to Annies and share your 'smiles'.  Cheers


  1. Enjoy some time with your mum. Good for her, travelling to you like that. I am sure she will enjoy seeing the little ones too. Kate x

  2. Good to see you all together, bet you'll have a great time. It just amazes me how different the weather is from one part of your country to the other but obviously it's a bit bigger than the UK. Angela x

  3. Hi Robyn, Have a lovely time with your mum. Sue

  4. Enjoy your time with your mum Robyn...I'm sure it will be very special. Vikki R x

  5. enjoy your Mum's visit, I'm sure there will be lots of chatting lol

  6. i typed out my comment and it's just disappeared ? How strange. I just wanted to say how much you're like your mum. Have a special time together.
    Annie x

  7. A really lovely photo Robyn.x Jo

  8. How lovely that your dear Mum has been able to travel to be with you. Have a great time together! Those little 'uns are gorgeous and I am sure she will love a few cuddles with them.
    Love Jo x


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