Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday?

worldwide woywwHello fellow deskers it's Week 313 at What's on Your Workdesk, Wednesday and if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about pop over to hostess Julias blog, to read all about it and join in the fun.
Here's my desk or rather small round dining table that I've been using the last 3 weeks - AND it's empty except for my first WOYWW 6th Anniversary ATC, from arrived today, 
...don't you just love it and that fabulous die Ros has used on my card.
So no crafting activity for a few days now as I've been really busy in the garden....I've cut down heaps of trees and now the men are helping to move the front fence to the back

Thanks for taking a peek, hope you've had a super week and I'll be back after dinner to check out desks...Cheers  
ps here's a link to my ATCs if you are interested


  1. have a great week
    Happy WOYWW
    Charlie #1
    or find me here

  2. Looks like you have a much bigger work desk this week Robyn :-) Love the new look garden.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x # 16

  3. What a beautiful card and atc.
    Fabulous tidy desk as well lol :) #31

  4. Hi Robyn, lovely ATC' They have all been beautiful. Lot of hard work in the garden, but it will look lovely when it's finished! Thats the DIY mantra, by the way, often needing to be repeated continuously under your breath when the job seems to be taking forever, lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #9 xxx

  5. My goodness Robyn, you have been busy. Looks as if you have a big back garden. We are going to have to have new fencing this summer as the old stuff is forever needing repair.
    Lovely atc you received, look forward to seeing your other Australian ones.
    Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me - Neet xx

  6. what a massive back garden, looks so spacious, love that ATC, thanks for the snoop

    Jac x
    N0 24

  7. What a gorgeous card, I love all the detail.

    Happy creating and happy wowyww,

    Sandy #22

  8. Goodness, it looks like quite a large task you've had going on there - I bet you'll be glad when it's all done! Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #28

  9. that is a huge project to move a fence. YAY at least you have guys who can help. :) I can't wait to see the done photos. ~Stacy #54

  10. The card and ATC are beautiful and I had a look at yours as well, they are gorgeous. I'm bummed that I missed the special event. I was going to join and my neighbour found a ringneck parrot up in a tree. I coaxed it down and got it into a cage and then spent the afternoon trying to find it's owner instead of doing a blog. It was worth it as Harry is now happily back with his owner. You sure have got a big job to move that fence but it will be wonderful when it's all finished. Have a great week,
    Von #13

  11. My ATC is on it's way to you....probably stuck somewhere over Singapore!! There's lots of work going on at your place, it'll look good when it's all finished :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xxx

  12. You will be glad to get all that work done but bet it will be a fab garden when its finished. Love the card from Ros. x Jo

  13. I did take a peek at your lovely ATCs, Robin. And that is a wonderful ATC from RosA. Looks like you are doing a lot of yard work, but looks wonderful there. #62

  14. Stopped by the ATC link & left a comment.Your yard is coming along, so much work. Hope you can get back to crafting soon. Diane #28

  15. From what you showed, it looked like you have cut many. many trees, or at least many trunks. Much harder than researching your family tree, wasn't it? I am sure you don't need to be told, I hope the job gets completed soon and you are back to making more cards.

    Sorry I'm so late getting here. Read your comment. My e-mail isn't working, but my neighbor lets me use hers when I need to. Happy belated WOYWW from #5.

  16. I wish my desk could be that clean, if only for a short while at least. Enjoy gardening, it is way too cold over here to do any work outside.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #60


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