Thursday, 13 July 2017

Sending a Smile your way

This challenge from Calling All Sistahs has been calling me for some time.... so I have made this card for my sister-in-law.  There are lots out there doing it really tough with lots of illnesses, serious stuff and even down to just having an awful day.. but I must say Julie has had an incredible few years.
We live many miles apart and she and hubby took on caring for her elderly parents - Bill will be 93 next week, Joyce 91 last March, married 67 years - now after 4 1/2 years and with one thing or another (you wouldn't believe me and don't want a saga to explain) she has just recently realized how difficult it is caring for them in her home. Bill has had a hip replacement and now unable to walk and lifting is the problem, and so they've all agreed the best place is in an Aged Care Home...a very difficult and heartbreaking decision.
An extra room was found for Joyce after a few weeks and so they are together - sadly they can't share a bed , but they can be together throughout the day.
Now there's more - Julie had a full mastectomy a few years back and with tests, found that Bill (who has prostate cancer) has the BRCA gene, Julie too and my hubby Stephen, our daughter is waiting test results now - and as I too have had breast cancer (17 years ago) we're not sure the implications for her or our son...but we're not dwelling on it, life is too short to mope and say why me, or it can be long as Bill and Joyce have proven. To top it off Marks father too has recently passed away from prostate cancer too.
Now for some happy smiles for everyone - Julie and Mark's three children all have had babies in the last 9 months, so there's joy and smiles for three generations.
From Stephen and Me, we want to thank Julie from the bottom of our hearts for all the caring she and Mark have done and continue to do for all their families... Smiles and Love to you All

 For my card I was inspired by the paint brushes in the CGS02 photo, to just swipe my Distress Ink pads using the colours suggested and mounted my panel on a pink card.  And decided everyone can benefit from a Smile - hence my sentiments.  Thanks for taking a peek


  1. Your wouldn't believe how similar my life has been over the last 2 years to that you have described. I do hope the aged care home proves to be as good as the one where my husband was. I still visit the care home where I get hugs from staff and residents wanting to chat.
    Your lovely card has put a smile on my face. Now could you send Tassie down a little of your warmth Please it's freezing here.
    Margaret M

  2. Wow your card is wonderful, I was trying to do a card the other day and couldn't see past the stamps, never even thought to swipe the ink pads themselves and yet it looks so stunning. I hope you are all doing well, it sounds like its been a tough time hugs Aileen

  3. I hope things get easier for your sister-in-law! That is a tough decision! I love your card and I am sure she will too! What a great idea to make the colors look like they were brushed onto the card! Love it! Thanks for joining us at the Calling All Sistahs Encouragement Challenge!

  4. Oh my, Robyn! What an ordeal for your family. Your sister-in-law sounds like an amazing woman. I love the ink swiping technique you used on the card you made for her! Thanks for playing along with us at the Calling All Sistahs challenge! ~Melissa (DT)

  5. Hang in there, Robyn. Your family is certainly going through a rough patch. Praying that things turn around soon. Thank you for joining the Calling All Sistahs Encouragement Challenge. I really like the unique way you've swiped your ink. Any tips on how you did it?

  6. Hang in there, hoping things get easier for you and your family. Thanks for playing along with the Calling All Sistahs challenge! Hugs

  7. Hi Robyn, Lovely card.

    Sending heaps of positive thoughts and huge hugs to you and your family. So much to deal with. Stay strong.



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