I love taking photos of flowers, that's where my waterlily came from....Millstream National Park, WA.

These two photos were taken on the beach at Broome,WA

This is a Baobab tree on the side of the Great Norther Highway road between Fitzroy Crossing and Broome

These following photos were taken at Kings Park, Perth WA

The following two pics are of the beautiful hibiscus growing in my garden back home in Townsville. I love the gorgeous colours and was very pleased to see these young bushes are doing ok and rapt that they had blooms while I was back home visiting our two kids.

These shots were taken at Exmouth, WA from the golf club and show the progressive rise of the sun 
- it was beautiful.

I love Autumn as much as Spring.
The following shots were taken in Scotland last November 2010, Mum and I were lucky to see some glorious autumn scenes and even some early falls of snow.

My grand mothers childhood home

 The following photos were taking on our recent trip to Geraldton WA over the Christmas holiday break. There were shrubs of these pompom ones along the cliffs near Kalbarri and the banksia ones were growing along a stretch of the road 100km north of Geraldton. They all really stood out in the grey/green countryside.