Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday Smiles

I'm smiling now because I remembered it was Friday Smiles over at Annies blog
I had been a little  down in the dumps because hubby has contacted me from Papua New Guinea where he is working this week and told me his flight is booked home for Monday... mmm my birthday is Sunday so I guess it's going to be celebrated a day late...never mind. 
I've just been out the back and taken this sunset should see how many sunsets I have...this is the view from my craftroom window and the glaring sun, shines right in, but sadly we're in suburbia and there are roof tops and powerlines everywhere, still it was a glorious orange.
This morning I rang our daughter regarding printing a canvas of gorgeous Sophie and we were deciding which one...

We were both laughing over the phone at this last photo of her looking sideways...cheeky girl

We couldn't decide so I've ordered a collage of the four. 
PS  My gerbera is growing beautifully too dark now to take a pic, so next week.
Cheers and hope you've got a lovely weekend planned, Robyn

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  1. These little ones do give us so much happiness don't they Robyn? I think I'm with you and couldn't pick just one...she is simply gorgeous.
    Annie x

  2. so lovely photos of your little granddaughter, such a pretty smile :-))

  3. Hi Robyn, That's a beautiful sunset, despite the phone lines and rooftops - I enjoy town living so don't mind them at all - and isn't your granddaughter beautiful - that smile would melt the hardest heart :) Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  4. what a beautiful cute little girl.... your sunset is so pretty even with the lines
    thank you for visiting me

  5. What a sweet little darling! I'm sorry about your birthday but I hope he makes Monday extra-special for you!!

  6. What gorgeous photos Robyn. Sunsets are beautiful aren't they...not as beautiful as Sophie however! I wouldn't be able to choose just one Have a very happy birthday on Sunday.
    Vikki R x


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