Sunday, 7 September 2014

Our Beautiful World

Today at Our Beautiful World - week 63, the Members are posting photos suggested by leader Kirsty, that represent Sweet... so I'm just thinking why does that suggest red to me...not at all sure.

The strawberry comes to mind at present though because they're in season and they are so sweet and juicy, I have been buying them two punnets at a time, just to eat fresh with yoghurt.
 And I have just recently made my first ever batch of strawberry jam.
 It is deliciously sweet with chunks of fruit....mind you it's only  made with fruit and sugar, 
but reasonably simple to make.
So yummy on toast or scones and cream
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Manuela- Elasdistrict
Thanks for visiting me, Cheers Robyn


  1. So yummy - I like strawberries!
    In Russian use we take jam with a teaspoon to the tea. We celebrate that..
    Have a nice sunday :-)

  2. Oh delicious Robyn!! What a great photo of that single strawberry too!

  3. I love strawberry jam! Great photos!
    Hope your move was OK!
    Have a good week, Manuela

  4. Well done on your first batch of jam - enjoy!


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