Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday Smiles

Friday Smiles 109.... I'm back, I'm back
Share a smile...Yes, I've been away visiting again with our kids and gorgeous Sophie, so of course I'm going to share a few pics of her because she sure does make me smile.

She just laughs and laughs when you tickle her and here she tries tickling me
And oh did she have fun with the lawn sprinklers
We bought back with us a large bunch of bananas and so Monday I was busy slicing them to dry in our dehydrator.
 Then Tuesday was a cooking day - muffins, a cake and a 2 loaves.
Still have leftovers and have given some to the neighbours.
Also just sharing the pic I took outside our house as a big storm from came in -  sunshine and blue sky turns black, unfortunately not lots of rain.
What has you smiling and feeling good this week....share with us over on Annies blog
and have a wonderful weekend Cheers Robyn


  1. I really love to hear little ones's so contageous isn't it? Love the look at all your baking....I can almost smell it from here :-) Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. I love bananas but couldn't manage that many so what a great idea the dehydrator would be!
    Sophie looks adorable and I'd envy you but I'll be going to Germany to see two of mine next week!
    Jo x

  3. ´Lovely happy pictures of Sophie. The baking day looks fun. I used to bake regularly each week, but we don´t eat enough to warrant it now it is just the two of us, and being diabetic I have to severely ration all the things I would enjoy!
    I´m glad we don´t see many storm clouds like that, though I do understand your need for rain. Kate x

  4. fun photos from Sophie, mmhh yummy all the banana chips and muffins :-))

  5. Ah, cute as a button, is your Sophie!
    How clever to dry those beautiful bananas... great baking too.. and yes we had one of those storms yesterday and looks like one today, praying it wont come though as the pest man did some white ants in fence would like it to be dry a wee yet a while!
    Thanks so much for popping over, Robyn, :D and for sharing!
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards blog}


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