Sunday, 1 March 2015

Our Beautiful World

 Week 87 at Our Beautiful World  and the theme for this weeks photo prompt is from Ros ...TANGLED
This prompt became quite appropriate for me this week - when I'm away visiting I always pack a crate of stamping gear and this time a bag of ribbons and lace was shoved into a spare a corner.......... I think the photo says is all, time for some sorting when I get home this week.

BUT also out in my garden you could say I have a tangled array of tropical plants... just planted haphazardly and nicely filling in the gaps now.

Thanks for dropping my my blog and taking a peek, We'd love you to visit the other team members blogs and see their Tangled photos this week too. Please also join in and share your favourite photos on the OBW blog.


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad to see we girls all have tangled ribbons and laces ... makes me feel better! Your garden is so beautiful! I hope you are enjoying your day and all that warm sunshine ... not jealous or anything ...Lol!

  2. Ha! I just commented on Manuela's post about how funny it is that all 3 hosts on OBW have put up pics of their tangled ribbons! But all being crafters the odds would be good for it to happen I think! :)

    Your garden is beautiful Robyn!! You've done so well with it all and obviously tangled works for you. ♥

  3. hihi, all the tangled ribbons in a crafters home :-)
    wow your garden looks beautiful with all the fresh green plants. Our garden looks rather dull at the moment!


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