Friday, 3 April 2015

Friday Smiles

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Week 113 at Friday Smiles....join in over at Annies blog and share what has had you smiling this week....and Happy Easter
I've been smiling all day today because I got to baby sit gd Sophie for the whole day as mum had to work (nurse) and day was off building a work bench.
I always have my camera handy and today I did take a few that had me smiling. Cheeky face in the first photo...Sophie loves her hats and shoes.
Then a quiet moment having morning tea and watching Play School
These are the best two photos though...the family cat Luna loves Sophie and I caught them rubbing faces
 Sophie even lay her head on the couch and let Luna give her a head hug...
Thanks for taking a peek and hope you have a lovely Easter break, hugs Robyn


  1. Precious photos the affection between Sophie and Luna...made me smile too, thanks for sharing.

  2. Your photos are so precious Robyn......Sophie is at a lovely age. I always think of children like blotting much to learn about the world at that age and they seem to take in so much every day. Happy happy memories.
    Annie x

  3. What lovely photos of a sweet relationship.

  4. I promised myself I would visit sooner this week than last, and I'm sure glad I did. Sophie is so adorable. She makes the ideal Friday Smile, doesn't she? She was adorable in that hat. It takes a special cat and and a special child to have such a good relationship. They are the perfect fit.

    Have a lovely Friday and wonderful Easter.

  5. what lovely pictures,she is very pretty

  6. Photos to melt your heart! TFS!

  7. That little lady is growing up fast! Lovely photos. It´s great to see the bond between her and the cat. Have a lovely Easter. Kate x

  8. Awww Bless. Gorgeous photos.
    Happy Easter.

  9. I didn't know I could say awwww that many times in a row! She's a girl after my own heart - hats and cats!


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