Sunday, 17 May 2015

Our Beautiful World

Week 97 at Our Beautiful World 
Kirsty has suggested this weeks theme
At any time for me, a quiet stroll along a beach in the early morning or late afternoon, 
is Amazing, Revitalizing, Calming...even with natures sounds around you, it's easy to absorb the Quiet - Sounds of Silence and be at Peace.
 How serene is this beach lagoon photo taken at Port Smith, Western Australia as the sunset?? ...
The tide is well out and the wet mudflats make it an easy walk to watch the amazing sunset....
In the morning at the same lagoon, this family enjoy the quiet and a spot of fishing.
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  1. Nice photos Robyn...I always find watching water like this very peaceful and relaxing.

  2. wonderful photos, Robyn! I enjoy watching your 2. photo! Have a good week!

  3. Beautiful photos Robyn ... So sorry that you are no longer with us at OBW ...


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