Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday 245

Big hello WOYWW #245 snoopers...and thanks for dropping by. Amazingly my room and desk is still pretty tidy after last weeks Big clean-up...yippee!!  And in the center of the desk are a couple of distress ink panels I've made with  my newly arrived DI - see the little stack of 5 at the back with a notepad next to them with the next list of colours I can choose from...I love working with them.  Also on the left is a blue stencil I'm cutting freehand and some try out sheets where I've been experimenting with different textures and inks on my Gelli plate....yes Vikki and I actually made our first page for a sort of life journal - we've seen lots of WOYWW bloggers using their Gelli plates so we thought we'd have a go - we've a lot to learn - I've made a new tab at the top of my page if you're interested to look. Also last week while blog hopping I saw where Sandy#32 had used a mug tree on her desk for storing her scissors and tapes and I was so taken with this idea that I've got myself one from the Op shop and lucky for me also a card display tree ($1) and a cruet holder that I wrapped some colourful paper around and there attached also that missing daisy which I found 3 days later in my bag of black ribbons. 

If you're wondering why I'm raving on about my desk....if you check out Julias blog you'll find lots of other crafty people doing the same, it's great fun sharing and interesting to read what others are up to all over the world.  The weather's beautiful here in sunny Queensland, Australia and  I'll be off now to blog hop some desk. Cheers and happy crafting Robyn


  1. So many pretty, fun things on your desk! It looks a lovely place to work!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 26

  2. Robyn, you will not ingratiate yourself with most of us in UK if you talk about the sunshine in Aus! Send us some! I'm just so sick of rain.
    I do love your card display unit, it is beautiful and shows off those lovely cards.
    Chris #48

  3. Great to hear your using your Gelli plate!
    Have fun!
    Jackie 22

  4. Great way to recycle the mug tree and cruet stand. x Jo

  5. Looking forward to seeing your Gelli plate projects, I´m still learning!! but I love it.
    Jan S 71

  6. Great bargains there, Robyn - well found. Have been pottering around your site - and love your other pages. The first gelli plate is beautiful, love the gentle colours.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #74

  7. Lots of new storage ideas there. Thank you for your visit. Karen #44

  8. Fabulous idea regarding the cup holder thank you.
    That is one idea I shall definitley be borrowing ;)
    AOC @ #59

  9. Look at all those pretty things to show off your stash the cup holder is fabby idea thanks for sharing it hugs Nikki 4

  10. So pretty, love your storage! Enjoy your day. Take care Zo xx 71

  11. pretty desk, love the mug tree idea :) Lx 91

  12. Glorious sunshine. Only we have it to excess here in Adelaide. I wish it would rain, and rain, and rain!!It's just weather..good and bad.Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment.Love your storage ideas too.
    Love your desk.
    Judy #6

  13. Recycling and organization are two things I LOVE. So, these items recycled from the Op store (not sure what that is, but it sounds fun to say) are perfect for both. Gotta love all the tape you have, too.

    Thanks for visiting me while I slept. And to answer your question, it took about 24 hours to restore power, but at least another 36 to warm the house enough that I could actually walk around in it without wearing outerwear, like a coat, ear muffs, and gloves. Happy WOYWW from #1.

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