Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday?

A lovely day for mid week here in Yeppoon and for sharing our desks on WOYWW#256 ... wondering what this is all about -please pop over to Julias blog as she is our hostess for this event - that brings together arty, crafty and very talented people from across the world.
 Now this is my desk today.... laptop there on the right Then at the back my shelves hold on top my buttons and ribbons and flower jars and underneath four folders that hold some stamps. Pens and brushes in the next nook. There's my Ott-Lite and the shelving on the left with my ink trays. On the very left are three very new magazines - with freebie stamps and paper pack - I love the new sets -A4size Oriental/Cherry Blossom and Timeless Opulence and a small set with birds and flowers.
On my large work pad is a mess of orangeish ink....see I've started my ATCs... little pile at the top underway and my Spellbinder Gold Facets that I'm planning to finished card yet but it's happening.
Next is a pic of Arthur..he plays fetch like a dog..throw the foam ear and he plays a bit of soccer then brings it back and drops it at your feet so you can toss it again....he wanted to play first thing this morning when I came into my room.
Next pic...a bit of a chuckle...hubby had to get his script from the chemist and has come home with new shampoo - one line reads
Anti Hair Fall Shampoo. He was a red head and is now a lovely faded golden shade and it is thinning but I didn't realize it was an issue for him. Love him dearly - our 38th wedding anniversary tomorrow.
Well that's enough waffling I'm off to check out some desks, a big thank you to all those who visited last week, cheers and thanks for taking a peek Robyn


  1. That's a good desk - you look as if you're having inky fun there! The pic of Arthur made me smile...I had a cat who played fetch too. His name was Jake (we're Blues Brothers fans you see!)
    And that shampoo, ah bless...we all have our cares, don't we?
    Happy Anniversary to you both, have a great day!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  2. Glad you're managing to make a start on your ATCs, Robyn. I haven't even looked at that yet but have one or two ideas!! Your kitty Arthur is a hoot. I am always saying how every single kitty is a unique individual just like us, each with their own little foibles and funny ways! When you first get them you have no idea how they are going to turn out! Your poor hubby... I am sure he is just as handsome, faded and thinning redhead he may be lol! Mine is all white now and virtuallly nothing at all on top, and about to retire in a few weeks' time! Anti hair fall shampoo - at first I thought it was something to make your hair fall out at the end of the summer lol!!

    Thanks for your visit and your nice comment - yes, lots going on and I'll get to my new sewing machine eventually... My desk isn't really that orderly but I was between jobs which always helps, doesn't it. The rest of the room is a tip with all the drying teabags!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #28

  3. Love your cat - wish mine would play 'fetch' - but she is far too lazy (or possibly stupid, the jury's out). Lots of new mags to keep you busy and yet another one who has started ATCs - must get a wriggle on!! Happy WOYWW, Cindy #51

  4. What a lovely kitty and clever too. Love the shampoo I would never of noticed what was written on the pack. Will Have to look out for it in the shops. Have a lovely week.
    Sandra @65

  5. Hi Robyn - happy anniversary for tomorrow. Your desk looks lovely and busy, with lots of great goodies to play with. Enjoy! Chris # 15

  6. Have a Happy Anniversary. Your kitty is too cute. #59

  7. OOh fun thing, we've had cats that do that too. ok I will confess I had to chuckle about the shampoo too. :) 38 years WOW! :) Stacy #87

  8. Lovely workdesk - looks like it's being put to good use! My little kitten, Inky, does the same thing as your Arthur! She loves carrying things in her mouth, and at night when we are watching TV she will bring us her favorite toy, and we play fetch until she gets tired, and curls up at my hubby's feet!
    Happy Anniversary! Our 30th is coming up this year, hope yours is a wonderful day!

  9. Happy anniversary!
    fun desk.

    Happy WOYWW
    Krisha #71

  10. Glad to read you are working on your ATCs. Seems like many of us are doing the same right about now. Enjoyed seeing the photo of Arthur. Bleubeard sized him up and thinks hes a very handsome fella' (his words).

    Happy Anniversary. What a great accomplishment. So happy for you. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Happy WOYWW from # 2.

  11. You can't beat a set of free stamps and they look good ones to me. Happy anniversary for tomorrow and thanks for visiting.
    Ann B

  12. Hi neighbor!
    busy busy and thanks for the chuckle!
    thanks for stopping by!
    Robyn 34

  13. Lovely desk, how funny is the shampoo, although being blessed with fine hair I am tempted to get it myself! thank you for your visit. Karen #30

  14. great desk, I have one of those daylight lamps it is great, although mine is covered in paint :) hello Arthur... he is so cute :)

  15. Robyn, thank you so much for commenting on my blog, even though there was no desk to see. I have managed to get two up there now to see.
    Those Spellbinder Gold Facets look absolutely wonderful, but I must not be tempted. I like the look of those stamps too, but best of all has to be Arthur. He is gorgeous.
    Bless you.

  16. Ooooh! All you folk who have started atcs - I must get my act together! Love your pic of Arthur! Chris 95

  17. That's a fair pile of ATC's you've started there, I like the colour. That's one crazy cat. You've got to wonder what's in that shampoo to stop hair falling out, hope it's not glue!! Happy Anniversary.
    Have a great week.
    Von #11

  18. Sorry I'm so late popping over this week.....yesterday was full to the brim with twinnie fun [blogging doesn't get a look in as you can imagine :-) ].
    Happy anniversary :-)
    Love that your cat plays fetch like a dog :-)
    Annie x # 26

  19. late! Ah well! On time to wish you happy anniversary and congratulations.
    Makes me smile at the your boy had to wit and so browsed and was filled with wonder at all the claims these products make and then thought, what the hell..nothing to lost (so to speak)! This happens to me a lot. And then I have to persevere through to the end of an awful product, what a sucker!!

  20. Hi thanks for visiting earlier - well done on getting your ATC's underway - I haven't started yet ! Your cat is so cute ! Ali #27

  21. Thank you soo much for visiting my Blog an leaving Words there, daer Robyn!

    Have a nice day ... Frauke

  22. I commented to my own DH (quite young but getting thinner on top...) about this new shampoo and he gave me a hard stare... oh dear! Have a great week. #37

  23. Great desk, lots going on. Well train cat, my dog doesn't even like playing fetch. Thanks for the earlier visit, sorry so late, been a busy week! Donna #38

  24. Hello Robyn. Scrummy looking dies there on your desk today - a lovely mixed set. Hope you have had a great wedding anniversary - and celebrated in style. It will be our 42nd in July.
    Thanks for your visit. yes, I tink we may be winning with John's health - although there are still some major issues the Drs are facing which have to be addressed before he can come home. Poor man - I picked up his new motability car only a month ago, and he has only been in it twice; and we have had a stair lift fitted for him - and he has only been on that three times so far!!! Still, he was a lot brighter this afternoon - which is good.
    Take care.
    Margaret #19

  25. Ah fab workroom there Robyn.. Shaz in oz.x #50 thanks for popping over.

  26. What a cute kitty!! And I will definitely tell my hubby about that shampoo ... he's sooo touchy about his lack of hair!


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