Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday...Week 260, 5th anniversary celebrations

A great big warm friendly hug from me today to celebrate
 along with Julia our hostess and around 100 others the
5th Anniversary of the WOYWW desk sharing phenomena 
This is my first year to celebrate and exactly 11 months since I joined this wonderful group of talented, crafty, artistic, thoughtful, encouraging and inspirational people....thank you all who have visited my desk over the months and left wonderful  comments...and Happy 5th Anniversary. And quoting Julia...

That's the spirit of WOYWW 
- a presumption of Friendship.

My desk today is pretty much the norm....on the left the pile of 'in progress' cards and the green one in front is one I made for my friend Janice and who sent it back and so now is my turn to return it to her...she's living in the UK for two years. Next to them is my small pile of WOYWW ATCs for the swap today. Along the back are two of those Card in a Box creations...the experimental ones for me - quite easy and effective and love that they fold flat to post. Then in the middle back is my first WOYWW ATC swap (not saying who it's from so it's a surprise for others) but it is absolutely wonderful, matching envelope and all. Then there's my bird tree holding my new cards I received in the mail this week - left from Loly in USA (Card Chain challenge) and right from my dear Vikki (we send each other a card each month). My grandma pen and empty coffee mug and on my laptop the screen for making this months Tim Holtz May tag for 12 tags of 2014.....which is what the collection of bits is on my work trying to figure out a theme as I don't have most of the things Tim uses on his creations....I like to play along because it's way out of my comfort zone.
If you're still interested in what I've been doing today - pics follow... I've been making tomato sauce and bottled it this morning and then finished off sewing a sleeping bag for gorgeous Sophie - which I made from a baby wrap I picked up cheap and used her other one as a guide.

If you are a little bit intrigued by all of this desk and life sharing please pop over to Julias blog for more information and we would all love you to join in.
A fresh cuppa for me and then some desk hopping Cheers and have an absolutely fab week Hugs Robyn



  1. You have been one busy lady! Love the look of that tomato sauce,, scrumptuous!
    Busy busy desk and sewing too - phew!
    Hugs and Happy 5th WOYWW - Neet 11x

  2. Goodness me you've been busy already today! Keep meaning to catch up with Tim's tags for this year - like you I have to improvise as I don't have all the stuff he uses but his ideas are so inspiring aren't they? Happy WOYWW Birthday :o) Annie C #56

  3. Home made tomato sauce - yummmm! Thank you for my lovely ATC which Julia handed over on Saturday. Hopefully, you will soon receive mine in return in the envelope from the Crop. It is amazing to see all the different designs and the varied crafts they represent among our wonderful group. Hope you have a wonderful week. xx Maggie #49

  4. Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary.

    Loving your desk area.

    I hope you have a good WOYWW. Sue 59

  5. Love that sleeping bag for Sophie - clever girl, copying the old one like that!
    Thank you so much for my gorgeous ATC, I really appreciate it as well as your support and friendship :-)
    Happy 5th WOYWW,
    Hugs, LLJ 1 xx

  6. Hi Robyn, thank you so much for the ATC sent via Julia, its gorgeous. So vibrant, love the colour. So many of us seemed to theme our ATC around friendship,its clear that we all love our fellow WOYWWers a great deal. Happy 5th, Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #72 xx

  7. I have to admit Ropbyn that handing out your ATCs at the crop got me a lot of pleasure - all the oohs and would have loved it! Thank you for them, they are lovely. You've been busy again, a darling sleeping bag for Sophie, if only that idea would catch on for grown ups - so much better than a onesie - for a start, can't be worn in public so easily!!
    I see you got one of Elizas absolute stunner ATCs too, where does she find time?!!

  8. I was thrilled to get one of your atc's on Saturday, Robyn and love it!! I must find somewhere to display them so I can look at them often! You've been very busy, the tomato sauce looks really yummy! Helen 7

  9. It all looks lovely, Robyn - the busy desk, the scrummy sauce, the cute sleep suit. Have a wonderful week, Chris # 15 xx

  10. I am so impressed that you make your own tomato sauce! Wow! And I see we both have been associated with this WOYWW family for less than a year! It has been so educational besides friendly! :) Thank you for sharing! #86

  11. Love your busy desk! Love home made tomato sauce but since a bottle explosion I never made any more!!!! Chris 61

  12. Busy, Busy, Busy Robyn, hope you are having a happy crafting WOYWW anniversary, Angela x #41

  13. Your desk looks a delight and the tomatoe sauce... colour me impressed at making your own plus the sleeping bag affair.. good grief, you are a busy lady indeed! Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary to you, hugs from Annette #3

  14. I'll send that impressed right back at cha!
    Canning! wow.
    thanks for the kind words.Happy WOYWW 5th, thanks for visiting and the snoop around!
    Robyn 24

  15. Hi Robyn,
    Wow, you are so busy there! And I like your desk ... the layout and the storage, just looks user friendly :)
    Thanks for stopping by, and happy 5th WOYWW! (If you have any spare ATCs I am happy to swap.)
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 30

  16. Oh I love the look of that sauce. Nothing like home made pasta sauce (my Italian Grandma made it by the VAT load) and there is simply no comparison. I still can't eat ore than one or two of the jarred sauces without going YUK! Love your storage (but I think I've said that before :)) and happy happy WOYWW!
    Got totally ambushed yesterday so late to the party
    Happy 5 year WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  17. I'm still chasing my tail trying to chatch with as many wonderful blogging friends this week to wish them a Happy 5th Anniversary. Hope you had a fab day.
    I have recieved your lovely ATC via Julia from the crop but I'm sorry I don't have your address to send you one in return so could you please email me your details to wipso@toucansurf,com and I will pop one in the post to you asap.
    Annie x

  18. Hi Robyn thank you for popping by I am a bit late visiting because I had real life visitors yesterday! You look so busy - What a fab idea to make your own tomato sauces - I have recently been trying my hand at jam making - still struggling with getting the set right - I had to dig my cherry jam out of the jar ;-) Back to finishing off my ATCs! Happy WOYWW Anniversary Helen 47 x

  19. Hi Robyn!

    Looks like you're the lady I'm sending my ATC to - please would you let me have your address? My email is diane_bromilow72 at

    Happy 5th WOYWW to ya!

  20. Lovely projects on your desk and the Sophie sleeping bag is very clever. Have a lovely week.
    Sandra @64

  21. Hi Robyn! It's such fun having a peek inside your world ... You look quite organised to me! You did a great job with that baby sleeping bag too! One talented lady!

  22. Hi Robyn! It's such fun having a peek inside your world ... You look quite organised to me! You did a great job with that baby sleeping bag too! One talented lady!

  23. Hello Robyn ... thank you so much for your ATC that was handed to me at the crop. I'd love to send you one in return so if you could email me with your address I will happily pop it in the post to you ( HAPPY WOYWW 5TH ANNIVERSARY! Love from Debbie #54 xXx

  24. Home made Tomato Sauce my dad makes that and the big kids all love it. I am not a sauce eater because of allergies but I have to admit yours looks yummy. So pleased you received my ATC, card and yes I love decorating the envelope to match, I just can't help myself and do it all the time. It really is strange seeing my stuff on your desk but pleasing too. I hope you have a wonderful crafting week. Yoda is nagging to go to bed as I am not working tonight being playing all day with Dede making sprays and modelling paste. So much fun....

    Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #8

  25. Hi Robin,
    Late getting around this week, due to some real life cell phone problems...ugh!

    You are one busy lady, your tomato sauce looks so yummy!

    Thanks for the earlier visit
    Krisha #99

  26. You have been incredibly busy Robyn great things going on pleased to have met you via WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #18

  27. Somehow I thought I had already visited you. My bad. I see you also sent Julia a few cards to pass out to others. Wasn't that a good idea? I did it last year, too, and Julia thought it was a good idea. This year I didn't surprise her, though.

    You are a gal after my own heart. Love the looks of that sauce. And I couldn't sew straight if my life depended on it, so well done there, too. Happy belated WOYWW 5 from #21 and thanks for your earlier visit to my place.

  28. what a cute organised space, TFS
    Your sauce looks yummy
    Happy Belated 5th WoYwW Anniversary xo I'm still trying to catch up!
    Hugs Minxy #4

  29. You really are one busy lady, Robyn! Well done. Tomato sauce, sleep suits, cards, tags... whatever next!
    Thanks for visiting - and sorry it has taken me so long to get back. Yes, John is home at last - 6weeks in hospital! we are re-adjusting to life!!
    Take care.
    Margaret #27

  30. Belated happy 5th WOYWW anniversary! The week has gone by so quickly
    and I am still trying to visit for last week! I like your patterned drawers and your tomato sauce looks yummy!

    Blessings and hugs,
    peggy aplSEEDS


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