Sunday, 28 September 2014

Our Beautiful World

 Our Beautiful World Week 66 theme is
I am just not musical at all, can't sing a note, read music or play an instrument sad!!
I don't have music on all the time, like some friends and when I do it is definitely not the latest 'style',
 my favourites are Michael Buble and Human Nature.
Lucky both our children are musical, Jacalyn can sing beautifully and Ryan learnt the Saxaphone.
But as a card maker I searched the Op shops for old music books or sheets that I can use on my are some I found earlier this year.
And here is a bamboo flute I found and which I plan to give to our gorgeous Sophie....
do you think her parents will thank me!!!!
What might be your thoughts on MUSIC, do you have any photos to share, please join in and pop  over to Our Beautiful World blog to join in and see the other team members music photos.
Thanks for taking a peek and enjoy your week Robyn
Ros   Mickey's Mum
Manuela   Elasdistrict


  1. I'm not musical too, can't play an instrument and I sing only when no one hears it ... in my kitchen.
    But I enjoy music, which is everywhere in the world, in nature, in the city, in birdsongs and rain - I'm thankful for all the sounds.
    Have a nice new week :-).

    Musicbooks are very charming.

  2. Hi Roby, i can't play an instrument neither, too bad, I would love to play piano. As child I played also flute.
    I think parents need earplugs for the first time ;-))
    Have a great week, Manuela

  3. Hi Roby, it's me again, I wish you happy birthday wishes belatet, I forgot your birtday yesterday! I hope you have had a wonderful day! And wish you all the best for the coming year :-) , Manuela

  4. Oh I wish I could sing! I love music and can mime really well Lol!! I'm sure Sophie will love her gift ... never mind her parents!! Lol!!

  5. I love music of most kinds, I bought myself a sax over 12 months ago (I was going to teach myself) I must get it out of its case one of these days!


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