Thursday, 14 January 2021

"B" Journal page

Something new from me today....   A Journal Page .....
I swap ATCs with a friend from Western Australia which is the opposite coast to me and our acquaintance is a bit of a story so we'll forego that --  Hi Catherine...  but I do try some mixed media elements on my ATCs with Catherine's encouragement. 
Well I'm a card maker who sort of has strict guidelines I subconsciously follow - like everything has to be straight and matching - no free flow, mixed media type of style at all ...
now blogger friends Jo and Gail have inspired me to break out and give it a go...
and rather than make cards, I'm starting a journal....
.....and joining in the fun at Lost Coast Portal Creativity

I tore up a "B"ook page and attached them to my pages and then  basically stamped images - Birds, Butterflies, Borders in Brown and Blues ----  It's a start!!!
Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day


  1. I keep telling myself I'm going to try a journal, but so far I haven't! Love your journal pages with the birds and butterflies!

  2. Oh I love your journal pages! And it's always exciting to try something new and find you are rather good at it, as you obviously are! Lovely soft colors and images. Just wonderful. Thanks for joining the Lost Coast Design Challenge!

  3. And an amazing start too Robyn - this is stunning work, and I love your style! A wonderful page that really appeals to me :)
    Stay safe

  4. Good for you trying something new and I love your pages!! I once decide to try journalling and didn't get past 2 pages Lol! But I do love to try new things. Have a super day and stay well and happy.

  5. Thank you Robyn for your kind words. I myself have also been thinking about journaling. I love those bookpage corners and all your beautiful B's. Wonderful pages you have created. Thanks for joining the fun at the Lost Coast Portal to Creativity. Hugz

  6. Wow Robyn what a beautiful piece of Journaling. You certainly have the nack for mixed media. Hope to see more from you again soon. So soft and subtle.

  7. It's a fantastic start Robyn!! I love your journal pages with the birds and butterflies. I have always wanted to journal and went as far as to buy the journal, but it sits, collecting dust! Oh well ... I can live vicariously through you! :) xx


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