Sunday, 20 July 2014

Our Beautiful World

 Happy Sunday friends...this weekend Manuela has suggested VEGETABLES as the theme for photos at Our Beautiful World Week 56.
Did I catch your eye with my first photo of  Brussels Sprouts?? - tiny cabbages and I believe may have originated in Belgium. Many people I know don't like them at - maybe because they weren't cooked properly, but I love them especially these baby ones. I thought they were Brussel Sprouts not Brussels Sprouts.
We don't have a vegetable garden at present  so ours are bought from the supermarket.
When I go grocery shopping these are some of the  staples in my basket...Red Capsicum, Zucchini and Broccoli.
This week I also got Parsnip, Swede, Celery, Carrots and Brown Onions...
  ....because I'm making vegetable soup, because there's nothing like a good home cooked soup on a cold winters night...
 In the pot previously was a lamb shank and pearl barley simmering for a few hours, now in go the veges....

Do you have a favourite vegetable or are you fortunate enough to have a vegetable garden, well take a few snaps and join in with the others sharing their photos at Our Beautiful World. Have a wonderful weekend, I'm so looking forward to my bowl of yummy vege soup....incidentally my kids call it singing soup because we can't resist saying "UH, AMMM" as we eat it.
Cheers Robyn


  1. Only you could make Brussels sprouts look so pretty!! What great photos ... I adore sprouts ... Your soup looks so delicious too ...

  2. Hi Robyn, great photo! Brussels sprouts are the best if the are not too big, then they taste a little bitter! The soup looks delicious, we love soup too, especially in winter it's the best.
    Never heard this "singing soup" but it's so funny, and i can imagine how it sounds :-)) Mhhhm ammmm, uh
    Wish you a great week, Manuela

  3. Yes, like you said, I don't like brussels sprouts, but there is a place in NYC, they do the best kimchee brussels sprouts, I'd take that one, LOL!
    The vegetable soup sure looks good, can I go over for dinner now?

  4. I think my family is the only one in the whole world where every member loves sprouts. As you say, depends on how they are cooked ;-). Love the photo of the sprouts.

  5. Beautiful still life pictures!
    I very like the Brussels Sprouts...
    That all looks so delicious - may I come to the lunch? ;-)

  6. Apart from being a fellow Qld'er Robyn, I also love Brussels Sprouts! I once made a sort of coleslaw with them and my husband even really liked the dish, but has disliked them since for some reason.
    We found a recipe for roasting potatoes with tarragon, so tasty, and I usually throw in parsnip, garlic and sweet potato, so next time I might try the sprouts too! I'm drooling already! lol.

  7. Robyn, I adore Brussels Sprouts, it is so tasty and there are so many recipes with it!
    Mmm... your vegetable soup looks very tasty! ))


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