Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Note Caddy

 Fun Storage Ideas the 8th Scor-pal challenge....
I do so enjoy playing along with Scor-pal challenges as I get to be innovative and use my Scor-pal...  So today I roughed out this idea to make a Note Caddy for the Phone as we're always looking for a pen and paper when on the phone and I like to collect those freebie pads in motels etc.  After the second scrap try I got the size and folds right (as I wanted to just make it from one sheet of A4 card). I also decided to add a second base to strengthen it as the sides are firm from the three folded tabs, then I dressed it up with some fun butterfly paper.
Thanks for taking a peek Robyn


  1. That looks great Robyn! As I've said before you are so creative in more ways than one.

  2. What a great idea ...I could use one of those! Yours looks so pretty!!

  3. That's very pretty. I do so like practical art. Might have to make one of these for my desk. Hugz


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