Sunday, 14 September 2014

Our Beautiful World

Our Beautiful World team member - Ros has given us a cheery word prompt for Week 64  ...  Smile

And I can't help myself from sharing these photos of our gorgeous happy 10 month old grand daughter Sophie.....
I think the photos speak for themselves and surely put a smile on my face....
 ...walking around the furniture
 ...sharing a moment with Pa to celebrate his 60th birthday this week
 ...on the play equipment, at first unsure but then loving it
...pretty in blue my food
...I'll be off and running soon
 ...all dressed up with Uncle Ryan, Dad and Pa, who are off to the rugby game - our team won their game in the elimination final
 ...and can you believe it the stadium where they play their home games is called 
1300 SMILES after the dentist sponsors.
You must surely have a photo you'd love to share with us at Our Beautiful World
now take the chance to pop over to the other team members to see their great photos
Manuela - Elasdistrict
Thanks for taking a peek and enjoy your weekend, cheers Robyn


  1. Hi Robyn, your ganddaughter is super sweet and her smile is adorable :-)
    i also have to smile as i saw your photos, really too cute :-)
    Great name for a stadium, unusual name but maybe it helps to win all the games to make the audience smile :-)
    Have a good week, Manuela

  2. Oh those photos have me smiling here!! She is so cute and so happy! Have a lovely smiley Sunday!!

  3. Hallo Robyn,
    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar bei mir.
    Dein " Lächeln " ist sehr liebenswert, schöne aufnahmen.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. What a cutie with the sweetest smile!

  5. What a great post Robyn. Sophie is such a happy little girl and absolutely gorgeous!

  6. What a happy little one and another contagious smile :)


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