Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday Smiles #94

Share a smile...Happy Friday Smiles dear friends from across the globe.
It's been a grand week here for me, other than my car having to go to the mechanic with a petrol leak that turned out to be major and need a new petrol pump, costly!!
 Still I have plenty to smile about.

Last week I found a local scrapbooking shop that runs a few classes each week, So I rocked up Tuesday and asked for a lift home (as the car incident had just happened and hubby could drop me off but was heading off for the week), lovely ladies they are - so I got to stay and made my first mixed media canvas. Talented Candy guided us (5) through the process and of course we all ended up with a variation of this..undersea mermaid..lots of fun and glue and texture paste and glitter and spray paints.

Next I finished this little Christmas outfit for gorgeous Sophie - just stitched two layers of tulle and some lace to a store bought  singlet.

 Then this morning I discovered this naughty boy (Arthur) had spent the night outdoors - must've been a bit of a trial because he's been resting lots this afternoon.  AND extra naughty because I found him with a tiny bird in his mouth this morning and then he disappeared - gone all morning without breakfast..mmmm. He's woken up now (just because I wanted a photo and is all smoochy and like "I didn't do anything wrong" look about him.   Anyway I'm happy because the little bird ended up unhurt and after an hour or so in a covered bowl in the kitchen I discovered he could fly so outside quickly with him - no cats in sight and thankfully he flew away without me getting a photo.

So I've had a happy week, with a wonderful thunderstorm on Wednesday night to cool things off. If you'd like to join in Friday Smiles, pop over to Annies blog and add your post and read what's been making other happy this week. Cheers and enjoy your weekend Robyn 


  1. Hullo Robyn wonderful post indeed.. love the crafty fun as result of car issues .. sounds good long way around .. lovely work with glimmery effect!
    Happy Smiles day, Shaz in Oz.x

  2. A fab post Robyn and the little poem at the end really made me chuckle....I've always appreciated the value of old people ;-)
    Annie x

  3. Wow, that's a gorgeous mixed media canvas. I really like it. It is sometimes a good thing to have car troubles.

    Love the little outfit you made your Sophie. She'll be an awesome Christmas Fairy. It's hard to realize it's summer where she (and you) live.

    Poor Arthur (not). I know how fun cats are when they've misbehaved and believe they've gotten away with something. That photo was priceless.

    have a lovely Friday and weekend.

  4. Love your crafty activities and that poem is priceless! Thanks for your kind comments - I am at last feeling a bit better. x Jo

  5. You are just a crafty GURU!! I LOVE that mixed media canvas - so cute!

  6. Great post Robyn. As always I am now smiling and after reading your poem feeling quite rich

  7. Hi Robyn,
    Your canvas is great!!! How fun to meet some new friends too.
    The hunting instinct runs deep. My poodle caught a chipmunk once. Unfortunately I discovered it too late!

    Love the comic!!!

  8. Love your mixed media canvas ... I did a mermaid one awhile ago but made her out of clay ... cute outfit for Sophie and I love your cat ... right now I'm exhausted with cats!

  9. Gorgeous Mermaid there Robyn. Great that you got to a class. Love that little singlet.
    Don't be too mad at the puss...he is only doing what comes natural!


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