Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...Happy Friday Smiles #111 (please pop over to Annies blog to join in and share your happy moments).... so I'm blinking and wondering where the whole of  Friday went.... I went out early and posted off my Cards for Aussie Troops, got a few groceries, hung out the sheets and then I sat down at the computer...silly me - I opened the site and next thing I know Stephen is home (early) and it's 4:30pm. I just decided I might try again to find any links to Stephens mothers mother... no luck...yet, but I did get to add another branch to the family tree for Stephens aunt.
So I'm having a browse while watching the Aussie playing cricket and found the following on facebook....thought it was a bit funny...yeah it is 21 century, Russia.   ps I  don't drink beer!!
Have a super weekend, Cheers Robyn

and here's a few comments left on FB

 Beer is ALCOHOL???? I always thought it was a lubricant!
 I can relate to that - no Irish person considers Guinness alcohol - it is Mother's Milk, the health food of the nation!
 I've been telling my wife this for years ......


  1. Hi Robyn.....there is no image for me to see in the picture you have on your blog today....maybe it's just me?
    Annie x

  2. Haha! Let's not tell my brother this, yeah? x

  3. My Hubby still doesn't realise that Beer is alcohol...especially when it is Czech beer!

  4. OMG you will be telling me that wine isn't fruit juice and chocolate isn't fruit lol

  5. I´m not a beer drinker either but that is certainly a strange fact that I´ve not heard before.
    Good luck with the ancestory search. My husband spent many months trying to research his family but a couple of hundred years ago, all the records in Ireland were burned, so he has hit a dead end. We had a lovely holiday in the Emerald Isle a couple of years ago, and we did meet some family members that we didn´t know about, and found a few records in ancient church Bibles. It is a fascinating hobby. Kate x

  6. Hi Robyn. Hmm, it's interesting to think beer isn't really alcohol. I wonder about wine too. Heck, whiskey is rotten potatoes, right??
    Tee hee.


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