Saturday, 25 April 2015

Friday Smiles

So the sun is just rising and I remembered it was Saturday and I'd missed my Friday Smiles post...but it is still Friday over in the here just a couple of photos making me smile this week
Of course I have to share one of Sophie... here she is with her mums new shoes, and hats and bags and bangles...already a "just a girl" at 18 months.
And here's what I've been up to this week....chopping out a great heap of clumping golden canes (palms), s I've cut down about 8 of these clumps and now there's so much more sunlight in the yard my other plants with benefit.
Time to get up and more a few more pavers... 
Pop over to Annies blog and share your "smiles"  and have a wonderful weekend -
 ANZAC day today in Australia when we remember all those who gave their lives for us and country - my pop was injured at Gallipoli and his brother died, Lest We Forget


  1. That gardening looks like hard work. You have a nice patch there, but it looks like the plants here - when they grow, they rally grow, so you have to be fairly ruthless with the pruning. I like the colours in the firey bush behind the palms.
    Sophie is as cute as ever. Isn´t amazing how they naturally like all things girly, even at such an early age? Have a good week. Kate x

  2. Hi Robyn....will those palms grow back? It looks like back breaking work to cut them back. I love the photo of Sophie....they learn so quickly don't they?
    Annie x

  3. Sophie is precious! Hope you are saving up already for her future wardrobe :) . Getting rid of those palms look like a big job and a big smile when it was over.

  4. Aww bless. Sophie looks like she enjoys dressing up.


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