Monday, 5 May 2014

Our Beautiful World

Good morning and apologies for my late post...travelling all day yesterday. This week at Our Beautiful World - week 45, we are playing along with the Manuelas theme "mirroring" - first it really did have me thinking...but remember this photo and the next I took a couple of years ago ... It is actually the television reflected on the glass top coffee table bearing my wine glass - in a dark room.

Now of course water acts beautifully at reflecting like a mirror so here are a few outdoor shots  
 See the crocodile lurking in the pandanas leaves - he's quite camouflaged in the reflection

A lovely nature shot with the colours of Australia
And a calm lake shot so still - I love these instances when you capture the tranquility and blow a duck quietly disturbing the lake surface.
Please enjoy our photos over at Our Beautiful World and we invite you to share you photos with us, thanks for taking a peek at mine, cheers and have a great week Robyn

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  1. Hi Robyn,
    wonderful shots have you here. The shot with the Glass on the table looks like "time to relax" :-)
    The picture with the crocodile is soo cool!! Do you have some in your area?? How fascinating!!
    Beautiful landscape!
    Have a good week


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