Sunday, 11 May 2014

Our Beautiful World

Aren't clouds amazing - they come in all shapes and sizes and colours and I'm always snapping photos.
 This pic is really a sandwich of clouds - under and above, taken from my window seat while flying home.
In this pic the clouds were all spreading low over the land with a radiant early morning blue sky above
Heavy rain clouds, you can see the rain falling on the horizon
And late afternoon  shower clouds on our recent road trip home
And of course I'm obsessed with sunsets and the beautiful colours reflected in the clouds

.......And sunrises
here at our local beach where we often take our morning walks
and these sunrise clouds from our balcony.

My kookaburra silhouette is my favourtive.
The team at OBW love to see the wonderful photos that you may have taken or just snapped, so please join in the fun and shareThanks for taking a peek Robyn


  1. What a great post Robyn...the kookaburra shot is my favourite too.

  2. Awesome photos Robyn, you are a little bit early though, it is 12 am Sunday Eastern time zone, let me know if you need help on how to preschedule your blog post. Nearly all my post are pre-scheduled so I can enjoy the other things in life. : )

  3. Oh what wonderful photos ... I adore that silhouette! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Hello Robyn, your shots are amazing, so wonderful clouds formations. They are all fascinating. Your last shot from the kookaburra silhouette is absolutely breathtaking wonderful! :-)
    I wish you a great week, Manuela

  5. Great photos Robyn. I especially love the beach shots.

  6. Loving your clouds! I always take lots of cloud shots and Hubby just smiles and nods...


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