Sunday, 8 June 2014

Our Beautiful World

 Week 50 theme at Our Beautiful World suggested by Manuela is

So of course being an Australian I'm going to share some Australian animals I've taken photos of in the past two years.

Kangaroo (can you see the Joey in mums pouch)

The Australian Coat of Arms...with the kangaroo and emu.
Thanks for taking a peek and please pop over to the Our Beautiful World blog and check our the fantastic photos of our team members. We'd also love it if you'd like to join in and share your favourite animals photos ...hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend, Cheers Robyn


  1. Hi Robyn, I hope one day I can visit Australia, i love this cute little Koalas and the funny Kangaroos. To see them in nature must be wonderful.
    Beautiful photos from all the Australian animals. I also remember the photo from the kookaburra bird in the sunset.
    Wish you a sunny day

  2. Oh these are fabulous!! I've never been out there so I'm always in awe when I see those guys ... Thanks so much for sharing them Robyn ... enjoy your day!

  3. We never miss a chance to take a shot with the Koala when we visited Australia, fun shots Robyn!

  4. The close-up of the koala is just wonderful... but all the other photos are really special, too! Never been to Australia but it certainly is on the bucket list...


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