Wednesday, 25 June 2014

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday?

Hi there once again with a view of my desk for WOYWW Week 264... want to find out more please pop over to our hostess Julia for more details and why not join in the fun my opinion!
Today I'm showing my room as it was when I walked in this morning.....papers everywhere - side desk and main desk.  It's just a mess. I'm trying to select some coordinating colours to make a mini album; based loosely on the orange/green one on my desk, as a give away.  You can see on the left my very old passed down from our son, tablet on which I have lots of family tree data and have been updating and adding a few more folk on Monday, it along with my heat gun and cuttlebug are hidden under the paper stacks.
Then on my main desk the paper sorting continues and in the close up you can see two gorgeous ATCs from Jo (Twiglet) and Annie (Wipso).
And look at my drawer set, it has become a card holder - I really need to string some thread up to hang all my cards on as I hate putting them away out of sight.  Can you also see that little black and white photo on the left celebrating my first birthday. We're posting baby photos for the next (Sunday)  Our Beautiful World share to celebrate the first year of the blog.
Now you can see I did have to have a clean up before I started on my mini album layouts (see below) and you will also note that just now I received another ATC, via the snail mail from Anne at Copper Beech Crafts along with a lovely card and some goodies.
Thanks for taking a peek at  my desk - now I'll post and be off to check out what the other WOYWW's have been up to. Cheers Robyn
PS had to include a pic of my boys Arthur and Henry asleep under my desk


  1. Love your boys - this morning I have met a Henry, Arthur and Ron cat. Cute!
    Had to smile at your desk. So busy. Thought the next photo down was going to be a transformation but no, it's just as busy. Finally a tidy one, but still quite busy.
    Thanks for the smile this morning.
    Hugs, Neet 27 xx

  2. I used to have an Arthur too! His brother was Sid :-)
    Your desk is looking creative (ie messy) this morning. Looks like you're having lots of fun.
    Hugs LLJ 16 xx

    PS I want to see a closeup of your baby pic!! xx

  3. What a busy set of desks, you are going to produce some great work.
    Those colours for your mini albums are gorgeous, competing with the boys for star place on the page. They are lovely as well all curled up there.
    Bless you for visiting me.
    Chris #26

  4. Love your space; such wonderful natural light and those little darlings curled up on their little beds!
    Glenda #56

  5. Just love those gorgeous papers... good luck with the sorting :)
    Get your lovely boys to help *grin*
    Happy WOYWW x
    no. 19

  6. That totally cracks me up that the boys have their own beds and made me curious if they both always go to the same one each time or if you ever find them snuggled some days. Love the colors and patterns of the project you have under construction too. ~Stacy #15

  7. What an amazing transformation from the first desk to the clear one. Hope it was cathartic for you. It's a great feeling isn't it when we make the space to appreciate our crafty goodies.
    Wishing you a happy and productive week.
    Gillian #66

  8. Well Robyn, you've got it all going on! Loving the papers and things you've pulled out for the mini LOs..and I had to zoom and squint..but the idea of a photo of you on your first birthday made me super nosy! too cute!

  9. You have rec'd some wonderful ATCs. Love your desk, so much to see. #4

  10. It's always nice to have company when crafting:)

    An awful lot going on at your desk.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Oh and your number has changed from 30 to 29. Mine had changed as well:)

    Happy WOYWW Sue 24

  11. Hello Robyn. Great colours and papers on your desks today. Hope you have ,managed to feel you are making sense of it all - and can make some great mini albums.
    Thanks for visiting and for your comments.
    But do tell - where do you put your feet when the boys are around?? On them to keep your toes warm???
    Margaret #20

  12. Great desk!! have a fab week. Helen 5

  13. When you are wanting to match up papers there is no other way than to get them all out, believe me I know. It's so much fun though isn't it.
    Love your cats, they look like a pair of bookends!!
    Hugs Lisax #38

  14. I'm the same when trying to match up choose papers etc - have stuff everywhere :-) glad the goodies arrived. Happy WOYWW Anne x #38

  15. Ahh now that's a desk to my own heart, stuff everywhere and so creative. Fabulous ATC's you received and I love your pussy cats, they look really comfy.
    Von #27

  16. Hi Robyn. Firstly thanks for your email. So glad the ATCs arrived and you like them....It's just a little of what we do sent with love :-)
    I'm doing a quick dash round to say hello this morning before I start another busy day [and I've got to fit a hair cut in today too!].
    Love the pics of your sleeping babies :-)
    Annie x

  17. Hi Robyn, lots going on there! And you really do need to spread papers everywhere when you are trying to match them :)
    Love your kitties, they look very content.
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 2

  18. We had a power cut last night so I am late doing the rounds again! Neighbour cut through the cable with his digger!!! Such a busy little craft area! x Jo

  19. You're desk looks familiar, when you are choosing papers to go together you need lots of room.
    Kitties look happy, the cushions are a good idea, my girl dog always wants to sit near to me when I am crafting but I often turn round and nearly stand on her.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  20. Oh My Goodness! You are a busy busy lady. Love all the fun going on at your desk. And I am jealous - you can get your furry critters to sleep in their beds. Mine want my desk chair. And will steal it the first chance they get! Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier.
    April #69

  21. Thanks for sharing your crafting space, it is nice to know that we are all the same! : )

  22. Hi Robyn, busy desks are so much more interesting, I think. I loved peeking at your jars of flowers,
    gorgeous papers and lovely ATC's and cards. Love the stamp with the birds on too, but the things I liked best were under your desk, sweet boys Arthur and Henry :-)Thank you for visiting me today. Lottie #80

  23. Hi Robyn! You look one busy lady! And your cats are so cute ... my little ginger is in my room too ... never leaves me!

  24. Awwww...look at Arthur & Oswald...sleeping. I wanna see a close up of your baby pic too... ;-)

  25. I love the final papers etc that you chose - its so hard when you have lots of wonderful stash to choose from isn't it?! #30


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