Sunday, 22 June 2014

Our Beautiful World

a word prompt from our friend Kirsty
At our house we get all sorts of mail, too much junk mail though

 Sadly this is our present letterbox...on a lean and all - actually we're renting and the box that was there was bent and the lid didn't close so we bought the cheapest one a the hardware shop so our mail wouldn't get wet in the rain. But it still delivers the mail 5 days a week and I'm always eager to see what the mailman has dropped off for's some of what I might find......
My special stamping buddy Vikki and I make and send each other a card every month 
 I cut of the stamps as my mum collects them to be recycled through Sammy Stamps run by the Uniting Church, Australia
My mum and I exchange letters each month even though we talk sometimes on the phone.
 OOWWW a package of goodies ordered on-line
 I play along with a card swap and this is my card from Loly, USA for the month of May swap
Very welcome overseas mail
 Redirected Mail
 Catalogues and junk mail 
The dreaded window envelopes - usually contain bills
Now I'd like to share with you a scan of a postcard sent to my husbands grandfather, 
29 July 1957 Mr F King from his daughter Winnie

Quite often soldiers sent postcard photos of themselves to their family and I do have some but at present can't seen to find them...they mostly don't say too much but the mail was and still is a wonderful way to keep it touch.
Our team has some great photos so please drop by and check them out
Manuela - elasdistrict

and if you would like to join in the fun, and share your photos 
please pop over to Our Beautiful Worlds blog
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  1. I really enjoyed your post Robyn ... Lovely photos! It's so lovely that you get handwritten letters ... what treasures they are these days especially from your Mum!
    Have a beautiful day my friend

  2. Hello Robyn, wonderful post with a lot of great mails photos, the old Postcards are so nice. It's so exciting to get an order with new stamping stuf :-))
    Yes it's much nicer to get a letter via snail mail :-))
    Wish you a good week, Manuela


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