Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday Smiles - Beware of Hungry Hair

Share a smile...Friday Smiles everyone.....My chuckle today is another of those newspaper sheets I found in the back of the in-laws wedding photo....Beware of HUNGRY HAIR (click the photo so you can read the small print), I like the bit at the bottom too -Watch your daily shower!!!
PS....I couldn't resist adding this one for Annie and you mad seamstress's
Now I'll share a few photos from the weekend...we thought we'd enjoy breakfast on our balcony is the morning sun....and of course the kookas were quick to join us. 
 They had to wait till Stephen has finished..
 no soon had he started to feed them and the drongos arrived...look how close, this one came between us.
And this one I caught just hovering there...looks real mean, bit scary in that post.
At the very end, one drongo even swooped in and took the meat from the kookas beak....
Cheers and hope you are enjoying your week.... me (sad face) I'm on my own with Arthur and Henry as hubby's off to celebrate with his dad - 90th birthday - whoops it's turned into a happy face, what a great age and he's keeping so well, happy birthday Mr O, sorry I can't be there... Never mind though - I can crafty my little self crazy Robyn


  1. Hi Robyn. I really love seeing your bird pics. Very up close and personal. Also had a chuckle at the two top pics ...I love old adverts...oh how times have changed. Bet those men walked round looking like a greasy chip :-)
    Annie x

  2. Oh Roby..I cackled so loudly when I saw the one with the "Waiting for wife in fabric shop". I had to show Kev..he's always waiting.He reads!!Maybe this is the next step!!
    have a lovely weekend.

  3. Hungry hair :D
    Love your birds. The Kookas are so handsome.
    Happy Friday

  4. Cracked up with the Hungry Hair ad. :) The rest of the newsies were pretty good too. Love the 'waiting' pic! And wow o wow...fab bird pics! Boy those are some aggressives birdies! HB to granddad turning 90! Enjoy your weekend. Hugs Nan

  5. Hi Robyn,

    Those ads really crack me up! I found two old Housewives magazines - will have to look them up so I can share.

    The birds are very cool. I had about five ravens around my feeder yesterday. We got so much rain that it turned into a watering station for them!

    Thanks for sharing your Friday Smiles.


  6. Great pics of the birdies. Love the one you caught hovering!
    That pic of hubby waiting is good. We have a routine when I go to fabric shop and/or Laura Ashley!

  7. Great post! Loved the hair tonic add. Remember "Brylcreem — A Little Dab'll Do Ya!"?
    I have never seen tame kookaburras before. We have magpies that come to be feed and will sit and look in the window at us but we can't feed them by hand. What breed of bird is the drongo?


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