Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday Smiles

Share a smile... Week 79 for Friday's been ok at our house this week, most of it spent on my own with hubby working away again...lucky I have my boys for company and too keep me smiling.
Here's the story - I'm in the shower and they're both in the bathroom too.....then I notice Henry at the basin, he's spotted a drip on the tap so what's a girl gotta do...jump out of the shower wrap up in a towel and grab the camera....just to share with everyone
...then it drips into the basin  - over and over he watches it go down the plug hole
Then decides to maybe catch it

But this one really cracked me up... (clilck on the photo for a closer look)
Of course Arthur had to find out what all the fuss was... (see me in the mirror) 
Other things to smile about this week FIL had a great 90th birthday, got some more phone pics of gorgeous Sophie and the weather is warming up slightly, now hubby is home so I'm off to spend some time with him. Want to join in and share a few smiles or a joke or two, pop over to Annies blog, we can all do with a good laugh, Life is too short. Cheers and hope you've had a great week and looking forward to a lovely weekend  Robyn


  1. Oh Robyn I really love that last pic of Henry peering up the tap....what a character :-)....and it was good to get a peep at you in your towel turban too :-)
    Annie x

  2. That pic cracked me up too.Cats love water they "find" for themselves don't they?!
    Our cat has 3 bowls we leave for her.Fresh water.Emptied every day, bowl swished out, and fresh water poured in.What water does she drink? Puddles, muddy ones, water in the bird bath, shower water...any water but what we leave, buckets filled with soluble (organic)fertilizer!!.


  3. I love the pussy pics sooo inquisitive aren't they.. glad you shared... have a great weekend.
    God bless,
    Shaz in Oz x

  4. Oh what super pics of the cats, and the ginger one must be the twin of my daughter's cat who expects the tap to deliver a stream of fresh drinking water on demand.
    They alway chose the most inconvenient time to be super photogenic, well done for getting out of the shower and getting these lovley pics and sharing them.
    Chris #7

  5. My first cat loved to be with me, and would join me when I took a bath. He'd stand up and peer into the tub, as if thinking I might invite him in. As IF! Bleubeard hates the bathroom. Doesn't even attempt to go in, since I allowed him in one time. He nearly clawed his way out. Not sure why, but that's why cats are all so different and unique.

    These photos were simply ADORABLE. Even Bleubeard was smiling. OK, I think he was smiling, especially at the last photo where the two were touching noses.

    Glad your FIL had a joyous birthday. That's a super milestone.

  6. Brilliant photos, Robyn, particularly the one that cracked you up too. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  7. lovely pics of your cats, they can be so funny lol

  8. Oh my ... How adorable are those cats!! Fabulous photos!!


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