Friday, 11 July 2014

Share a smile... Smiles Friday, week 77 
...this one says it all, from facebook  (my answer - men), just shaking my head but it did give me a chuckle.
It's been a wonderful week at our place, no complaints.  Tonight we are also cheering as all the documents are signed and delivered for the sale of our investment house, now just the banks workings.
I have a series of morning photos of hubby feeding the drongos this week. We get around 10 - 15 birds all come for a feed - tiny bits of chopped up pet meat, which you toss in the air and the birds swoop in and grab.  They even hover a few feet away for 5-10 seconds waiting. Some will perch on the railing and take it from your fingers. I took a lot of photos from behind the pole as the sun had just risen over the hill and I was amazed that I got some really good shots.

We really enjoy feeding the birds and we also get magpies, kookaburras and butcher birds, but photos of them another time.  Now we have to bribe the kitties to stay indoors.
Lastly a couple of shots of flowers in the garden the early morning sun on them caught my eye.

 Have a glorious weekend, smile, be happy LITS Robyn


  1. I'm really loving your smiles this week Robyn. How lucky are you to feed birds like that and those flowers are stunning. Good luck with the house buy.
    Annie x

  2. I really enjoyed seeing all those birds your husband was feeding. How awesome. And I am glad someone has good news about the sale of a home. Happy weekend and happy Friday Smiles.

  3. A lovely post - we love our birds here too. x Jo

  4. Awesome shots Robyn!! They look fabulous birds ... Well done on your sale ... have a beautiful weekend!

  5. wow, wonderful photos from the birds (especially the last bird photo is stunning) and also the flowers, they look so beautiful!!
    beautiful view to the palm trees!
    Have a great day! Manuela

  6. beautiful photos and certainly made me smile !!! Anne x

  7. It must be lovely to see those birds in action.Hope your weather is being kind.

  8. Wow! You did get some amazing shots of the birds in flight Robyn...they are always that bit more special aren't they. You sure are going to miss them...

  9. That first pic took me a minute to register! THe areas which the trees are not in look like giant ash trays !
    The bird pics are amazing and so are the flowers. All not to be seen in England.
    Jo x

  10. Um, the first photo took a second and third look for me to 'get' what was going on... sigh!
    Love the photos of the birds, how lovely to have them come so close.
    Thanks for the smiles

  11. Gorgeous photos especially the last bird one .... A question are they really called drongos

  12. Wonderful post.
    Love the images Robyn.. you've been busy with card posts too. Better thsn I as things are too full on..maybe tomorrow. :) Shaz in Oz x

  13. Hi Robyn,

    Congrats on the signing of the paperwork on your house. I love the shots of the birds, the sun shining through their wings.

    Oh, the photo of the trees in the middle of the sidewalk rather than the obvious spots really cracked me up! Right now our town has construction on TWO of the busiest roads in town - don't know who thinks up these things!



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