Sunday, 13 July 2014

Our Beautiful World

Hi this fine Sunday from Our Beautiful World, Week 55
Our word prompt this week is from Ros
My selection of photos are from our Dec 2013 holiday in Tasmania, Australia... you know that little island just off the south shore.
Well it's certainly a beautiful place and this are is towards the south of the island in the Huon Valley.
I took many photos and here are just a few featuring the walks and some of the huge trees and tiny plants.

This is an air bridge, quite scary for me to walk out onto but the view was worth it.

As you can imagine Australia is a large continent with varying types of "Bush" (woodlands) and as I now live in the sub tropics, visiting this beautiful area with the huge trees was spectacular.
Thanks for visiting do hope you may have some photos to share at OBW and please pop over to the other teams members blogs to view their parts of the planet.
Ros - Mikey's mum
Manuela - elasdistrict


  1. Lovely photos Robyn...I like that within forests and woodlands we don't just have the tall trees but all of the wonderful undergrowth and all it's little surprises!

  2. Hi Robyn, wow beautiful landscape, wonderful photos, I'd love to see the nature there in real one day.
    Have a great week!

  3. What terrific photos!! Oh you are so brave to walk that bridge ... It looks like a photographer's paradise though ... Have a lovely day Robyn!

  4. I'm looking for woodlands from all over the world, wondering of the diversity. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great new week :-)

  5. What a marvelous trip on the forest Robyn so spectacular and wow love that bridge!

  6. Wow such a beautiful area! Must have been a wonderful trip! And dear me, how brave you are crossing that (sc-)airy bridge... Wish Australia was a bit nearer, would love to visit!


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