Sunday, 3 August 2014

Our Beautiful World

Hello fellow bloggers and welcome to my post for Our Beautiful World  - Week 58 and our team leader Kirsty has suggested the theme CHOCOLATE

I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate and that can mean there could be chocolate in the fridge for ages, but when I do feel like a hit I might go for a Cherry Ripe....mmmmm dark chocolate surrounding cherries and coconut. favourite chocolate would be White Chocolate - just plain, I love the  creamy texture, it makes me smile thinking about it and that I will enjoy a piece of this tonight with a coffee after dinner.
 I snapped these chocolate treats in the display cabinet at our local coffee shop...they look delicious.
Are you a chocolate lover?  Why not join in with Our Beautiful World and share a photo or two. Now you can pop over to the other team members and see their Chocolate inspirations...
Kirsty  Handmade Little Things
Ros  Mikeys Mum
Manuela   Elasdistrict
Thanks for taking a peek, Robyn


  1. Now that's one bar of chocolate that you could keep, cherry and coconut, not thanks BUT send that white chocolate to me any day!

  2. Oooh I love white chocolate too!! Those cakes look delicious!!

  3. Hi Robyn, the cakes looks very delicious :-))
    Have a great week and hope you enjoyed the chocolate :-))

  4. Good thing I just ate because otherwise those delicious pictures would lead me right to my chocolate stash! I am not familiar with Cherry Ripe but it sounds so good!

  5. Good old Cherry Ripe, so Australian. When I worked in London my mother would send Cherry Ripes and Vegemite as part of my Christmas present.


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