Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...Hi Annie, (welcome back) and Friday Smilers....I too have been moving house this week (just renting, hubby work related relocation), and only 140kms south and now it seems like a lot of hard work for a short distance (our 13th move in 38 years) but I'm well practiced at it and so have regular clean outs (although that's not totally true, as I do have 'stuff' I just don't want to part with). I have a bitch to air...about rental property come when you leave you have a long list of "have to do's" and you leave it immaculate but when you move into a new rental, the standard of cleanliness never seems to be up to scratch???  So I've had two lots of house cleaning this week..  :-(
 My SMILE this week is that there is an available room at the new place and  I've already mostly set up my craft stuff.....""""YIPPPEEE!!!!  AND as I knew about the move, I contacted the phone/internet provider and arranged to have it all transferred from the old I was only without internet for 4 days. Now to find my mojo!!
This was the glorious sunset on our first night (Monday) - pity about all the power lines and aerials
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and have a wonderful weekend, cheers 


  1. Oh I'm with you Robyn. When we moved to this present house it was filthy!!We left our immaculate!!GRRRR.
    Hope you have fun in your new room.looks big, and how quickly you have organised it!
    Hope you have a happy week.
    Judy x

  2. Mm that is so true never quite work how they works out .. that there are dirty folk that get away with it like that...thankfully have not had to rent for some years now.. but used to happen regularly.
    Love your new crafty spot well done..
    so what part of NQ are you in now?? was Gladstone before I think..?? Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Really glad your move went well heart goes out to you with all those moves. We really have no plans to move again....ever!!!
    I'm with you on the cleaning too....think we just have different standards to others eh?
    Love your new crafty space...well done you for getting it set up so quickly too.
    Annie x

  4. I love that you already have your craft room set up! I'm sure you will make many great creations here!

  5. Well done, Robyn. You are IN!!! SOoooo organised, too. But - priorities sorted - craft room done!
    I know what you mean about mess and dirt - we always try to leave a place better than we found it - and then have to immediately start again at the next place!
    Take care. God bless.

  6. Couldn't agree with you more Robyn about property managers! Great to see you have your craft room all set up and ready to go....I am soooo jealous....I need to create a permanent space!

  7. Wow!! It looks lovely and I'm so glad you have a crafting room ... Fabulous sunset!

  8. beautiful sunset and great crafting room! Good that you have back the connection to the internet. Life is hard without ;-))


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