Sunday, 19 October 2014

Late Friday Smiles

Share a smile...Hi there this fine breezy Sunday....yes I know I'm a few days late but I'd still love to share my smiles with you anyway.....join in over at Annie's blog - week 89 Friday Smiles.  We've been on the road again this week to join the celebrations next Sunday for gorgeous Sophies first birthday.
AND in my garden awaiting me were my beautiful hippeastrums in full bloom - they really put a big smile on my face and a bright splash of colour in my garden. Happy Friday Smiles friends and hope the weather is as wonderful at your place as it is here. 
Cheers and enjoy your weekend Robyn


PS - couldn't resist adding a fun pic of Miss Sophie kicking back on my mini sofa with her mobile phone - she's a delightful little person - yes I'm biased.


  1. Feel free to join in any time Robyn. We can never have too many smiles can we? I really love those bright colours of your flowers and Sophie will steal many hearts...what a poppet.
    Annie x

  2. Beautiful flowers Robyn! And oh how sweet is your little miss Sophie, so cute! Hugs

  3. Gosh those Hippeastrums are gorgeous.The red one my Mum had years ago, but we forgot to dig up the bulbs when Mum went to her Nursing Home, and I haven't found red ones since.Maybe this year.
    Oh and Sophie..adorable bubs!

  4. Hi Robyn..yess have yippee hippees (call them that to prompt my memory) hippiastrums... mine just finishing, still recovering from being moved so not as many as normal only have common colour. Miss Sophie is ultra cute :) thanks for popping over. Shaz in Oz.x

  5. What lovely flowers Robyn and the last one is the best of all!!

  6. beautiful hippeastrums, we have them here also at the christmas time. Very cute photo form Miss Sophie :-)
    Have a wonderful time, Manuela

  7. It just goes to show what I've said for so long now. I'm one of three people in the world over the age of two who don't own their own cell phone. And if that doesn't bust you up, believe me, Sophie and her cell phone sure did me.

    Love the flowers, too. Sorry I'm late visiting. It's been a busy week.

  8. Lovely flowers and very cute baby!

  9. It´s a Grandma´s role to be biased, but she is a cutie anyway!
    The flowers are beautiful. I´m not sure about the first one, but the others are what I would called Amaryllis. We only had them as indoor plants in UK, but I am on the lookout for some bulbs to plant outside here in Spain. I think they might do quite well. Yours are just gorgeous. Kate x


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