Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday Smiles

Afternoon "smiley" friends, it's a bit warm here right now and I'm rushing to post this as I have to pick hubby up at the airport in half hour.  It's been a quiet week for me but productive - made a few lovely floral cards and then got out the sewing machine as daughter and I bought some Christmas material to make gorgeous Sophie a couple of dresses.  
 A little purple wrap dress and lucky to get some matching pants.
And then I found this cute singlet and bought some red lace and tulle to gather onto it.
Funny thing happened though - when Jacalyn and I shopped we got a teddy bear Christmas print and plain red with stars to make a dress (making that one next), anyway when I went to the local Lincraft for the red lace I just thought I might grab some more fabric so she'd have a couple of outfits for day care. Well I did get some - they didn't have really much to choose from and when I got home I'd bought exactly the same fabric as previous - might have to save some for next year.
Last week Elizabeth left me a hilarious comment - " I got a bit concerned when you said your "pot plants" were doing nicely. Here in the States, that would land you in jail (grin)."  
So here I am with a few pics of my "Pot Plant Garden"
We rent at present but as we often visit our kids and our home in Townsville I'm always gardening there and so bring back cuttings just incase our son kills all my plants.
 A bit of potted colour
 Two begonias I rescued from the supermarket
 My bromeliad corner - the bigger ones I've at local markets and the small ones are my home rescues
 A few more sticks (red dracenas) and my mint and parsley, at the back strawberries
Just potted these red frangipani cuttings, that I rescued from someones ute on our morning walk.
Please join in our smiles Friday, and if you'd like to know more pop over to Annies blog and link up with the others sharing their smiles.
Thanks for taking a peek at my happy moments this week Robyn
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  1. I love the thought of you walking the streets 'saving' plants. :-) Your garden looks really lovely too so it pays off.
    Well done you making the cute little the fabric.
    Annie x

  2. You have been busy Robyn. Your tale re fabric is something I've done in past! Have a great weekend. Anne x

  3. Love that you are another rescuer - I often rescue orchids from supermarkets and garden centres
    Wishing you lots of smiles over the weekend

  4. The little dress is adorable - she's going to look lovely in here festive wardrobe. So funny about the 'pot plants' - we have a language in common but it's amazing how differently we use it :) And I now have a vision of you patrolling the streets with a mission to save plant cuttings from utes :) Thanks for the smiles, Elizabeth xx

  5. Haha! Unless you were in Colorado ;) Then it would be totally legal! I love all of the gorgeous flowers you share.

  6. It all looks so lovely!! Beautiful little outfit!

  7. beautiful potted plants, and that purple dress is adorable.

    Be blessed

  8. You have got lovely green fingers. Wanna play in my jungle....err garden?

  9. I love all the ´pot plants´. That´s what I call them too. All of my plants are in pots though some are pretty enormous, because all the yard space was tiled when we moved it. They take a lot of watering! That´s a cute little dress you have made for Sophie. And I love the wind-surfing photos on another post. Kate x


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