Sunday, 23 November 2014

Our Beautiful World

....this weeks topic set by our dear friend Manuela at Our Beautiful World.
WELL....this one really got me thinking and I was a total blank -
so I asked hubby and his answer was - OUR BUILD UP.
Now what could that be you might wonder, but living in the tropics you would know that we are talking about the weather.
 An this past week we have started the build up in earnest, with the skies filling up with those heavy rain clouds only not to pass a drop and with the heat, whammy your all steam and sweaty and on go the fans.
Views of my street this week -
 Monday morning
Tuesday morning
 Wednesday morning
Thursday morning
Thank goodness Wednesday night we had an almighty thunderstorm; not only the lightning and thunder but we did get a good few hours of rain, so now everything is fresh and the dead lawns already have a tinge of green. But with the sun coming out in the afternoon, the heat brings out the humidity. Unfortunately taking photos of the lightning didn't enter my head not that I'm sure I could have captured anything either.
And along with the storms we get the occasional cyclone so there is much media advertising now for homes to prepare their cyclone kits with the essentials they may need to 2-3 days.
On the other front of course is all the preparations for the Festive Season, with shops and centres decking out with Christmas displays and families busy with their outdoor lighting. We're commencing our decorating this weekend so as yet I don't have a photo to share.  Below are local shops in our town.

We'd love for you to share your photos with us at Our Beautiful World and please pop over to the other team members to view their November photos...
Emanueal - Elasdistrict


  1. Oh yes Robyn...the build up...for those of us who have lived in Queensland we sure know the teasing of those rain clouds. Good to hear you have been getting some rain.

  2. Those skies look like ours just that the rain falls a lot here! I guess you are used to hot Christmases ... I would find it strange I guess ... Great photos Robyn!

  3. interesting to see something different
    but the sky looks always the same like ours, a lot of clouds and rain!
    I am always fascinated by the force of nature, sadly always a danger for the human!
    great shots, have a great day!

  4. I just love these posts, particularly. It's awesome to get a little more insight into your area of the world.


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