Saturday, 13 December 2014

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...Happy Friday visitors and if you're not sure about Sharing a Smile pop over to Annies blog and read all about it, join in too - can't get enough smiles can we. 
 Oh I am smiling this week....YEAH!!!! I've finished my 25 year quilt - I am impressed with myself, now it adorns the spare bed. Also while I had the machine out I made gorgeous GD Sophie two new Christmas outfits...couldn't resist buying more material when it was on half price needless to say I have enough stashed for next year.
We all know how cats like to find elevated perches....well our two have taken to my ironing board which I've had set up in the lounge with all my sewing going on - before I went to bed Thursday night I found them both balanced on the board asleep.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend Robyn


  1. Your quilt looks fantastic Robyn...congratulations! Sophie's outfits are just too cute, just like Sophie! :-) and I love the cookies...saw something similar with snowmen just this week hehe

  2. Love your quilt and Sophie's dresses are very talented! Those cats look very comfortable indeed. I must show this post to my hubby....he is a chocaholic....maybe not for very much longer!

  3. Congratulations on finishing your quilt, it is lovely. I love the dresses you have made. I am hopeless at sewing. My second daughter is very talented and taught herself to sew.

  4. Well done you on finishing the quilt.....I love it :-) Those little dresses are just gorgeous too so I can see why you're smiling. There are times when it's not a bad time to be diabetic.....I won't be buying any biscuits lol
    Annie x

  5. Job well done. Your quilt is beautiful. And what fun photos. I haven't had my ironing board up enough for my cats to try this!! But they went up a ladder I was using last week. Enjoy

  6. Wow!! What a stunning quilt and look at those pretty dresses!! Oh I love your kitties! If only mine liked each other

  7. I love the outfits for little Sophie, and the quilt is beautiful. You have every right to feel pleased with yourself. My cats are always trying to get the highest perch, so I can relate to that. I couldn´t open the last picture, even in a new window. It just said error. Hugs. Kate x

  8. Wow, your quilt looks fantastic and like a lot of work! Super!
    The dresses for Sophie are super cute :-)


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