Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday? my opinion!Afternoon from my messy room.....out on display for WOYWW #287. ....want to know more about WOYWW pop over to Julia's blog to read all about it and join.  I didn't even realize it was Wednesday until a few minutes ago - the days are whizzing by so quickly, just 3 weeks to Christmas eve.   
Well all the mess is because I had to get my cards filled out and sent and happily most went in the post today with only six or so to go. Look at that room, just a skinny walkway to my desk. Not sure why all those boxes are out of the cupboard and papers all over the floor but it must've had something to do with addresses...I'm a terror for not having an address believe it or not there it is - that open book on the top left of my work pad... I wrote it up as I went this year.....yeah at last. The rest on the desk is the debris from the card writing,.. pile of cards, envelopes, inserts (got lazy this year and printed them on the computer), tape and pen.

 Then I did have a break from all that concentrating and have been busy at the dining room table - now a mess too, to clean up....been making Sophie (GD) a couple of Christmas dresses and they had to be posted too
Daughter sent me these phone pics today

Off to do some desk hopping now, and a big thank to all those lovely people who dropped by over the last week, thanks again for taking a peek today, Robyn


  1. Oh Robyn how cute does Sophie look in her new dresses! What a devoted Grandma you are! Oh bless her beautiful little heart. I think your desk and my desk are pretty similar,only yours is at the 'done' stage of the cards and I offer you a HURRAH for getting your cards done already, I'm afraid mine will not go this week.....

  2. It all looks so lovely, Robyn - and I don't think it looks messy at all - just loved. What a cutie she is. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 15

  3. Oh Robyn those little dresses look so lovely on that gorgeous little model 😃
    Annie x. #23

  4. You are so organised Robyn, hope you and that adorable little grandee have a wonderful Christmas.
    Hugs, Neet xx 18

  5. Wow, Robyn, look at those beautiful dresses! You are a fab sewing goddess....mind you, the model is absolutely gorgeous too ;-). Your sewing table looks as bad as mine...tidy NOT!! I want to come and have a sewing day with you now....what you doing over New Year? Lol
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  6. What a lucky grand daughter. She looks fabulous in them too! #24

  7. You are so talented! These cute dresses look so nice!
    Thank you for visiting earlier!
    Gabriele 12

  8. Hi Sandy, your GD looks gorgeous!Well done on getting the cards posted- I'm still trying to get finished, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xxx

  9. By the way, I meant Robyn, not Sandy. My brain is not functioning! Shaz xxxx

  10. Such an adorable GD and very cute dresses!!! Great job on getting your cards out. I still have to do the insides of most of mine. Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #36

  11. Beautiful dresses and gorgeous model! x

  12. Oh my, those little dresses are darling.

    I think it's great that you have a pathway in your room, lol. Looks like you've been quite busy!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #23

  13. Somebody looks busy. Gorgeous GD bet she's an absolute pleasure.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 28

  14. Your granddaughter is just so cute and those outfits are fabulous - what a clever Grandma she has! Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #38

  15. I honestly think this is "Messy WOYWW" this week. We are all in the same shi...boat!
    Gorgeous photos there. I am sewing right now too on my new Timmy! So exciting that Santa came early even if he did raid my savings account!
    Hettie #39

  16. Messy is the new happy!
    and just look at that smile!!
    thanks for your kind words
    Robyn 6

  17. oh hoe cute does little sophie look in those dresses..... bet you're chuffed with how they turned out.
    janet #16

  18. cute photos from Sophie, have the same mess on at my working space right now! :-)

  19. Hi Robyn,
    That's a generous amount of floor space there, I reckon :)
    Congrats on getting your cards ready to post. I find that the hardest part :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment re my cards. Have a good week,
    RosA # 3

  20. Adorable grandddaughter! You look like you are getting a lot done, because when it is messy, that means we are working! Looks like some lovely Christmas cards. Thanks so much for letting me look through your space! #55

  21. She looks so cute!! You did a wonderful job with those dresses!

  22. Lots going on in your space :) and your GD looks so cute in those dresses
    hugs Nikki 1

  23. I just LOVE to see how crafters go from one place/room to another, making a 'mess' (which is of course not a mess but 'creative inspiration') everywhere!!! The dresses look so very cute on the girls, just wonderful! Happy (belated) woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #32

  24. Hi Robyn, I think your studio looks quite under control! :D I mean seriously, how can we be expected to create if we don't pull out a few piles of paper, some boxes and/or drawers nothing will be made! LOL! Sorry I'm so late getting around to you for this week's WOYWW, I am indeed a tortoise in life :D
    Hugs and happy crafting,
    Beth P

  25. Oh those dresses are so cute :-)

    Both your desks are looking full of goodies and busy and I am with you on printing the card inserts!

    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  26. I know that kind of work space, with only enough room to walk through and then moving out to the dining area, but its working in progress I call it lol
    Bridget #4


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