Saturday, 6 December 2014

Friday Smiles

Early Saturday morning hugs from Australia, where we are enjoying some wonderful rain - you can hear it in sweeps as it passes over the house .... and we had a guest for dinner last night and I didn't get to post my pics for Friday Smiles #96......
I'm happy this week because hubby is home from 10 days away working, and he's just cooked me breakfast.
Last week I told you I was on a mission to finish my quilt - I  have had the top pieced together for 25 years and I'm not sure how many years I've made it my New Years resolution to finish...this top and backing and border fabrics have traveled many miles with me....
But great news I'm nearly done
This is the quilt last weekend after I had sewn on the two borders

Here on Monday I started the job of machine quilting ....

And in the afternoon had the binding on and....
Now I only have to hand stitch the binding.....YEAH YEAH YEAH
So you can just imagine how happy I am - I'll be smiling lots next week when it's finished.

OOOOPS I did have a little accident...don't laugh - I've left my mark for sure at this rental property!!!!
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Cheers and enjoy your weekend Robyn
ps..Annie wondered why I was ironing on the floor....I had turned the iron off and was about to use the board to help support all the fabric next to me at the machine and I pulled the cord and the warm iron landed face down on the acrylic carpet, didn’t take much to melt it


  1. Hi Robyn. Well done you with the really looks fab. Oops with the iron burn on the ?carpet. Why were you ironing on the floor?
    I'n not good at climbing either so I plan to stay this side of the hill. :-)
    Annie x

  2. I´m no hill-climber either! Well done on finishing that quilt. It will be a fabulous heirloom. I´m sure it was worth all the work.
    Oops for the iron melt! Accidents happen, and hopefully they won´t be too annoyed. Kate x

  3. Oh man... your quilt is GORGEOUS! I was never patient enough to quilt - I tried one time and just hated the tedium. It would definitely take me 25 years to finish. :)

  4. What a gorgeous quilt! I have one on the go - but haven't touched it for a few years... fancy finishing mine for me?! :) x

  5. Your quilt looks amazing!! What a labour of love that must have been ... sorry about your carpet... Ooops!


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