Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday Smiles

Now who wouldn't be Happy on Australia Day - January 25 ....they give us a holiday. So last Friday we headed off to spend 5 days with my sister and hubby  in Gympie. Haven't seen them for 18 months, so there was lots of smiles, and hugs and a wonderful relaxed visit.
 They live in the peaceful countryside - here is part of her lovely garden
They feed a variety of birds every day - here are the lorikeets and their beautiful colours
 And a glorious sunset.
Saw this on the net....and oh how true it is for this Nanna!!!!
Share a smile...Hope you've had plenty to smile about this week and if you'd like to share with us pop over to Annies blog to share....Week #104.   Cheers and enjoy your weekend Robyn


  1. Hi Robyn. So many smiles this week :-) I wish we had lorikeets over here....aren't they stunning? Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Imagine my garden common with Lorikeets instead of, they seem so exotic to us!
    Your sister's place looks utterly tranquil . I guess until the lorikeets start anyway!!

  3. Hi Robyn, lovely post - such a pretty inviting garden and the lorikeets are gorgeous. Incidentally, we were both celebrating on 25th January but for quite different reasons :) Elizabeth xx

  4. Hi Robyn, sweet saying and the birds are soo beautiful, i love birds and they are so colorful! wonderful nature!

  5. Always good to have a celebration day. Your sister´s place looks very nice and I love the lorikeets. And of course I just love the sunset. Kate x

  6. What a beautiful place your sister lives in. Feel like I want to go and stay right now!

  7. Greetings Robyn from Southern California. Your pictures of beautiful - I love those birds !


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