Sunday, 4 January 2015

Our Beautiful World

Week 78 at Our Beautiful World and team member Ros is kicking off the new year photos with the theme PRICKLY
I love bromeliads and have quite a few....but you do need to be careful...they all have prickles - quite nasty ones that are difficult to remove....but oh they do have lovely flowers

This cactus I found abandoned in our garden...our daughter figured she would start a collection as they are pretty hardy...not...half of this one is dried up in the bottom of the pot....still very prickly.

 Our neighbours Bougainvillea is out in flower.....masses of white flowers with just one growth of purple, and as you all know underneath are those big thorns
So these are my Prinkly photos, now pop over to the team members for some super interesting photos. And then we'd love for you to join in at OBW and share your photos.
Manuela - Elasdistrict


  1. Some fabulous shots for this week's prompt Robyn ... I love the bougainvillea!

  2. I'm so jealous of your garden and your warm weather!

  3. Beautiful flowers Robyn, and the pricker looks very pointed. Wonderful bromeliads in your daughters garden.

  4. Wonderful photos there. Would love to have these in my garden instead of on my windowsills. I have just lost a bromeliad but am hoping that it may pull round??

  5. Beautiful photos - I love the Bougainvillea, and wish I could grow cacti and bromeliads in my garden but unfortunately they have to be indoor plants over here - and I'm not good with indoor plants at all!


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