Saturday, 7 February 2015

Friday Smiles 105

Share a smile...
This sure got a smile from me during the week on fb  ---- if only.
All good at our 'place' this week, got a reprieve in the hot weather with some lovely overcast days and breezes with the odd shower, definitely makes life easier. 
AND my hubby is home for two whole weeks - no working away with overnight stops...yippee!!!
So what has put a grin on your face this week, or made your heart beat quicker, or a hearty laugh out loud...come and share on Annies blog and see what others have to feel good about. 
Thanks for popping over Robyn


  1. Oh to own a tap like that with your favourite beverage...I think I would be smiling everyday then...and probably!

  2. My basement bathroom sink is fine, but I need to install new faucets for the tub and shower. I may have to look into a tub version of this (grin). Thanks for the smile this week. Sorry I'm late. Got sick and went to bed. Now I'll be awake all night (my time), Have a super weekend, too, dear.

  3. All I can say is I wouldn't fancy washing my face in that lol Red wine gives me they do a white wine version?
    Annie x

  4. Well I can s why a lot of folk would appreciate this. I´m afraid it doesn´t do it for me. Fancy living in Spain when you don´t like wine!! I sometimes think I should cultivate a taste for it; it would make life simpler, but I really can´t see what is so good about it. It´s a cute idea all the same. Hugs, Kate xx

  5. so just where did you get your sink from .????? lol

  6. haha, what a funny picture :-))
    enjoy all your time with your hubby!


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