Wednesday, 4 February 2015

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday?

WOYWW #296 and the first for February. my opinion!Here's my desk first thing this morning - yesterday I started at making Mothers' Day cards for the Aussie troops - my friend Karen put me on to this FB site and as I have heaps of time I'm going to join in and make a few.  Lucky for me I found two sheets of 12x12 with mothers day sentiments so I've cut them up into lots of usable pieces and have nearly completed you can see the makings of these cards on my desk today.  On the left next to the laptop I've had a go at making little envelopes out of hearts and will die cut hearts to put in there just got to work out how to display them on a card. And I have a house mouse card on the go - rightside/back.

If you'd like to know more about this craze of displaying our messy creative work  spaces, please pop over to Julias blog....she host this wonderful, sharing, inspiring event....
Thanks for visiting, have a great week Robyn


  1. Robyn,

    Happy WOYWW what a beautiful desk you have today, I love the idea that you are making cards for the troops I did this last year. Can you send me your link for it. I did sent some through Bridget last year and thought I should share it around. You do have some beautiful cards created. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 21

  2. ah great work going on there Robyn, and really love the display they will be really pleased.

    What a great idea!
    ...also looks like it is sunny up your way too... has been very wet on and off here.

    Happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #2

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  3. A good idea making any sort of cards for the troops Robyn. Your cards look so pretty & i'm sure any mother will love receiving one of those. Happy woyww Jill #22

  4. Your cards are looking lovely Robyn...very pretty...and such a wonderful gesture.

  5. Firstly what a great idea and kindness to send those beautiful cards out to the troops .... Secondly lively shoot of the cards they are really nice ! Thank you for visiting me already
    Jackie 4

  6. Making cards for the troops is a lovely thing to do and a great idea. Your cards are absolutely beautiful and will make any mother feel extra special. Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #36

  7. I'm whizzing round all my fav blogs while the twinnies do some drawing by me 😃
    Your Mother's Day cards are gorgeous...and sooooo many too 😃
    Hugs Annie x #15

  8. Gorgeous cards and wonderful idea. You have made a great selection with 2 sheets of paper.
    sandra de @13

  9. How lovely of you to do that for the troops. Could you share the link? The cards are super. Anne x # 40

  10. How lovely of you to do that for the troops. Could you share the link? The cards are super. Anne x # 40

  11. Beautiful cards!!! And so lovely that you make them for your troops! We're an Army family over here and it's always nice to be remembered. Have a great week & God bless!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #9

  12. Lovely cards and it's great that you're making for the troops. I haven't made charity cards for a while now. I may make some later.

    Horace @ no. 47

  13. Mother's Day and Aussie troops sound like a nobel combination to get creative for. The cards are beautiful too. Happy WOYWW! #60

  14. What a lovely bright desk you have Robyn and so full of beautiful things. I love the ide of making the Mother's Day cards and the images you are using are perfect.
    Hugs Lisax #68

  15. That's a beautiful selection of cards, I think that they say what a wonderful time you had making them.
    Have a good week
    Christine aka Bishopsmate #73

  16. What stunning cards you have made there. House mouse is just the cutest range of stamps. They always make me smile. #56

  17. What lovely cards and what an even lovelier thought. Bless you! (HOpe that compliment does not sound as bad as I am now reading it and that you know what I meant).
    You have made me think about the 10 cards from one sheet of paper I once did - could do those for the troops. Good thining Robyn.
    Hugs, Neet 29 xx

  18. What a good idea to make mother's day cards for the troops (to send to their mothers). And you have done a marvelous job! They are stunning!
    Have a good week, hope the weather isn't too bad/hot,

  19. Oooh I bet that makes for faster work to be able to find the sentiments printed this all look fabulous Robyn!
    ~Stacy #77

  20. Ooooo, those cards are all so lovely!

    Happy creating and happy woyww,

    Sandy #10

  21. What a busy desk you have. I love that you are making Mother's Day cards for the troops. You are so giving!
    Glenda #48

  22. Lovely cards and what a great idea, well done you. Hope you have a great crafty week, Angela x 33

  23. Wow, you sound so busy! Your desk looked so productive with all those cards :-) I was going to ask why mothers day cards and then I saw Lisca's comment and it makes sense. What a lovely idea.

    Carmen x #53

  24. It looks like spring has arrived at your desk! Lovely! I will be happy when spring gets to me...LOL!
    Beth P
    #76 WOYWW

  25. That is such a wonderful idea and your cards are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Von #42

  26. What a lovely thing to do, Robyn, making those cards for the troops....and they are lovely, really pretty and sure to be appreciated by whoever gets them. Great idea!! (And a stash buster's a win win situation!)
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  27. There will be some delighted Mums around, when these arrive. They are really lovely. I love the house mouse card - they are some of my favourite characters. Have a great week, Chris # 11

  28. That's a lovely batch of cards you've made! I'm sure they will be appreciated.
    Have a good week, RosA # 28

  29. What lovely cards, and what a fab idea! Thanks for stopping by!


  30. Goodness, Robyn - that's an amazing amount achieved in a few days. The cards are so lovely - well done.
    Wetroom now all finished so John has full use of the bungalow again - couldn't come near the works 'cos of the dust levels. The room works really well, and I can now shower him without resorting to smothering myself in plastic sheets or swimwear - not a pretty sight! There is so much more room to help him then when he was inside the shower cubicle and I was outside...
    Thanks for visiting and for your comments. Yes, I am taking some time to relax. I am enjoying getting to sit in the lounge with crochet hook or knitting needles in hand and watching some real rubbish TV. We haven't had a TV licence for over 30years - so it is a great big novelty at the moment.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7


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