Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...Hi and welcome to Week 120 of Friday Smiles hosted by Annie...please visit her blog and share with us all what has you smiling and happy this week.
As we are visiting our home again and the weather has just been perfect - I've been out in the garden most mornings and this week I've mostly been trimming.
Below is a view Monday morning of the front fence of our home with all those clumping golden canes... smiling, smiling
because this morning I finished cutting down the last one - so you can see we have a fence.
All this work is being done because we are to have some renovations done to the house in the next few months and I decided move plants and trim before builders trample all over them. And the front fence is going to be replaced so I figured we'll move it before they start and will give them better access to the yard....well that's the plan anyway.
And yes I know those palms will grow again but the remains will be dug up the men hopefully.
 Of course I also got to spend a day with our daughter Jacalyn and gorgeous gd Sophie... here she is with her first encounter with Playdough...well the mums played and Sophie joined in...
   ...her mum made a baby and a bottle and Sophie recognized her wonderful work and proceeded to feed the playdough doll.
Jacalyn and I were laughing our heads off at what we were doing...bought back memories of me making heaps of tubs of playdough to sell at our Play group meetings.
Well I hope you've had as good a week and me... have a wonderful weekend, Cheers


  1. House alterations?....I feel really at home at yours now :-) I love watching the first reactions of little ones playing with play dough.....first lesson to learn of course is we do not eat it ;-) Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Awww. I have not had my fingers in playdough for years. I suspect I would have the same reaction as Sophie!!
    Happy Friday.

  3. I haven't played with playdough for decades. Sophie is going to have hours of fun playing with the baby and the bottle :) I'm glad you're not planning to dig up those palms on your own ... it will take a machine to get those roots out :) Hope all your plans go well in readiness for the house alterations. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx

  4. I used to make loads of playdough when I was running a nursery school, but I loved the smell of the bought one too. Clever Sophie (and mum) . She is really taking an interest in it. Those palms must have been hard work to cut down, but I can see why it had to be done. I hope the work goes well. Kate x

  5. a lot of fun playing with playdough! :-)

  6. Ah, I just love that the baby knew instinctively to pick up the wee bottle and feed the wee baby! That is so precious! I enjoyed your other photos, too, Robyn! You have been doing a TON of physical labor! Good luck with the house reno!! Hugs, Darnell


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