Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...Hi there on this very delightful Friday at my place.  It's time for Friday Smiles at Annies blog Week 121.  And I'm happy now as hubby is home after two weeks working away and all the family were here for dinner. Sophie certainly enjoyed my fried rice and chicken followed by a dessert I concocted from vanilla ice cream, chopped frozen raspberries and roughly chopped chocolate ripple biscuits.
Now I have my bag packed too as early tomorrow we fly off to Brisbane so hubby can watch his first Aussie Rules Football game for his team St Kilda (the Saints)....I'm tagging along to keep him company as our son wasn't able to attend.  We're going to visit our rental property so we can use the trip as a tax claim.
Now a couple of photos that have me smiling...our grey cat Arthur - you'll find him sleeping in all sorts of places....I expect all cats do this. Just finished folding the washing right now and his jumped in and claimed it as his posie.
 Here he is earlier this week in a cardboard box full of plastic bags and packing
And this is gorgeous Sophie with her cousin Noah, last week at her dad's birthday dinner at Sizzlers.  She looked so cute in her Frozen outfit but wouldn't stand still for me to get a pic.
Well that's it for today....pop over to Annies blog and share your Happiness and checkout the other "posters".  Enjoy your weekend


  1. Your post has certainly got me smiling today. I always loved dressing my girls in turquoise so Sophie's dress did it for me [Frozen or not :-)]. Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Great photos this week Robyn. Love the cats in funny places and Sophie looks a doll. Off to see if I can find the outfit in a grown up size!!
    Hugs and have a good trip.

  3. Cute pics of Arthur but Sophie and Noah are adorable and beat him !. Hope you have a good trip.
    jo x

  4. What a lovely funny series and a nice cat (we had earlier a similiar).
    I read now about your Goodbye from OBW... :-(
    Have a great football weekend

  5. I love the way cats make themselves comfy wherever it takes their fancy, Cute little frozen princess. Kate x


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